Obama Killed Osama figures hit the net

Good Morning Geeks.

Ten years ago, I witnessed the actual bombing of the World Trade Center and Pentagon right in front of our TV screen. The first thing that came in my mind about the video was…it’s a faux. But when I changed the channel of our analog cable (back then, yes we had a cable), I had confirmed that it is not my ordinary breaking news. Not my ordinary movie scene neither.

And the justice that we have been longing for the past 10 years had been realized through the efforts of the current US government. It is not also new to everyone that Osama Bin Laden has been captured, dead.

So, this post is to salute all the heroes that had died in the said attack. And just to reminisce the said event with humor, check out these OBAMA KILLED OSAMA figurines that has been selling like hotcakes in the net. It comes with a very eccentric video as well.

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