Eccentric BlackBerry pictures leak

This could’ve been the most eccentric blackberry design that we’ve ever seen. Check out this newly surfaced silver-black coated Blackberry that break out of the net recently. This leaves the curiosity of the BBMs fans in high bars.
According to MAXPDA, this model is believed to be the BlackBerry Bold 9980; others claim it to be the prototype of the still to be released 9900 given the fact that it has similar battery and whole lot of same button features (as well as the ports).

Honestly, this unit is a superb eyecatcher due to it ragged design, boxy keypad and textured back plate. And what’s with the “processing” word emblazoned across the top of the screen? That’s the big question we’ll about to find out. 

Interesting yet mysterious; I guess we’ll just have to satisfy our eyes with this one. More pictures here.
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