Windows 8 shuts down and starts up in 8s seconds

Staying true to its name, the newest version of the Microsoft operating system (Windows 8) will only take about 8 seconds from completely power off to boot up! Well this seems to be at par with the flashy “instant on” of the Mac Book Air but we’ll see what it has more to offer.

According to the latest update of its MSDN’s Building Windows 8 blog, the new version of the OS is designed so that users shouldn’t have to boot that often.  But when the booting procedure is imminent, they would like it to be as fast as possible. 

The main reason of this ingenious feature is that instead of closing both the kernel session and the user session (like the traditional shut down) in the disk; Windows 8 preserves the kernel in the disk, thus creating a “hiberfile”. And when booted up once again, it claims to be 30-70 percent faster than the existing system tested by Microsoft itself. 

 The diagram below explains the process; or if it’s not convincing enough, check this blog for the full technical lecture.

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