Top Features That Make the vivo Y100 a Power-Focused Smartphone

The vivo Y100 is a refreshing take on the popular smartphone line. Straight out of the gate, it flashes an interesting set of features that suits our active and on-the-go lifestyle. The phone gives spotlight to the necessity of powering up our devices in less time possible for us to stay focused on daily tasks and other things that matter.

Top Features That Makes the vivo Y100 a Power-Focused Smartphone

Here are the features we think would make the vivo Y100 another hit in its segment.

80W Fast Charge with Super Charge Pump

The vivo Y100 marquee feature covers its battery and power management. The smartphone boasts a large 5000 mAh battery with 80W Fast Charge technology. Not only that, vivo is deploying its Super Charge Pump tech that maintains 97.5% power conversion efficiency. This means that your phone charges faster than with any other 80-watt rated charger.

80W Fast Charge with Super Charge Pump of vivo Y100

vivo Y100 fast charging technology

This allows users to power up the phone in the shortest time possible so that you can still enjoy and work for the moments that matter. The higher power conversion efficiency not only accelerates charging but also guarantees the safety of your device by protecting it from current surges or over voltage.

Beautiful Display with Bright Visuals

The vivo Y100 stands out with its stunning 6.67-inch FHD+ Ultra Vision AMOLED Dotch display. Adorned with crisp and bright visuals, this screen is a winner in the sub Php 14K segment. In fact, the panel has 1200 nits brightness; this means you'll never have to worry when using the phone outdoors or even under the bright summer sun. It's a display that's perfect for outdoor adventures and beach trips. Likewise, the large and high quality screen makes the vivo Y100 an excellent device in consuming content.

vivo Y100 Beautiful Display with Bright Visuals

The 120 Hz refresh rate ensures that everything is smooth when using the phone. This display feature enables stutter-free experience when playing games or streaming your favorite web series. It effectively enhances the phone's responsiveness and overall user experience. That's not all, the display also supports an in-display fingerprint sensor that enables zippy and secure phone unlocking.

Trendy Photochromic Appearance

Giving off a vibrant and youthful appeal, the vivo Y100's design is something to be lauded about. The phone also steps it up a notch with its color-changing design! The phone changes its color when exposed to UV light in as fast as 3 seconds! And it does this without using extra juice from its battery.

vivo Y100 Trendy Photochromic Appearance

I don't know about you, but I love rocking this phone in the wild. In additon to its slick candybar design, the Y100 prioritizes comfort with its ergonomic build. This ensures that the phone can be used comfortably in the hands. The slim design also makes it easy to slide in the pockets or bags, enhancing portability and convenience for users on the go.

Large Storage, Dual Stereo Speakers

The phone's vibrant display is paired with powerful Dual Stereo speakers to ensure that multimedia consumption with the vivo Y100 is always on point. On top of that, users can crank up the volume up to 300% with the built-in Volume Audio Booster feature.

vivo Y100 Large Storage, Dual Stereo Speakers

Saving multimedia and other project files wouldn't be a problem with the larger 256GB storage. This is also expandable up to a whooping 1TB capacity. The vivo Y100 is powered by a power efficient Snapdragon 685 and is coupled by 8GB of RAM with virtual RAM expansion of up to another 8GB. This allows seamless multitasking and performance; keeping your productivity on high bars throughout the day.

vivo Y100 Design

vivo Y100: Focus on Power

The vivo Y100 is the perfect smartphone for those who prioritize fast charging as a top feature on their smartphone wishlist. The phone is simple yet flashy with its Photochromatic design, stunning bright display, dual stereo speakers, beefy memory and large storage.

You can get all these at an affordable price of Php 12,499 for the 8+128GB variant, and Php 13,999 for the 8+256GB variant. See more of the vivo Y100 in their website, and get it on their official vivo e-commerce platforms: Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop.

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