Beko BPVOW-120 1.5HP Window-Type Aircon Review

It's summer in the Philippines and most of us want to stay indoors and enjoy the comforts of our home. To make the most of this season, we need an air conditioner that does not cost an arm and a leg in both buying it and paying for the electricity it uses. The Beko BPVOW-120 1.5HP Window-Type Aircon is the company's latest addition to its home solutions portfolio. It is designed to have an efficient cooling capacity and great cost-saving features that would be very beneficial for most households.

In this review, we have tested the 1.5HP variant - a powerful cooling machine that suits every corner of your house with its stylish yet simple design. With that being said, I'd like to share with you some of its standout features and help you decide whether it's truly worth adding to your household.

Beko BPVOW-120 1.5HP Window-Type Aircon Review


The Beko BPVOW-120 1.5HP Window-Type Aircon is encased in a classic white box. On its front panel, it features a rectangular vent positioned on the upper section to where it facilitates the outward flow of cool air. However, what truly distinguishes its design is the presence of a distinctive diagonally-crossed grille that's precision-perforated. This unique design sets it apart from other air conditioners available in the market, it adds a touch of simplicity and elegance at the same time.

Beko BPVOW-120 1.5HP Window-Type Airconditioner Review

There's a space provisioned for soft touch buttons alongside the Beko and SmartPro Inverter branding. This control panel comprises several essential buttons and status display: the power button, four cycle modes (Fan, Dry, Cool, Eco), a temperature display along with corresponding manual adjustment buttons, fan modes, as well as indicators for Timer, Sleep, and Filter.

Beko Window-Type Airconditioner Review

The soft touch buttons are easy to use and this array is very comprehensive, ensuring convenient control and monitoring of the Beko BPVOW-120's operation. Overall, the design of this unit is straightforward, and it could easily complement any type of room aesthetic with its classic white colorway. It's compact and facilitates easy installation.

Performance: ProSmart Inverter tech, Powerful Jet Cooling

The Beko BPVOW-120 1.5HP Window-Type airconditioner has a bucket-full of features that centers on efficiency and sustainability. For one, it features the ProSmart Inverter technology which bolsters substantial energy savings without sacrificing performance. This marquee feature dynamically regulates the compressor speed in response to the users' cooling requirements; in turn, this ensures that the air conditioning unit operates at peak efficiency levels.

Beko Window-Type Aircon Review

Through the real-time adaptation of its output-based demands, the ProSmart Inverter technology optimizes comfort while simultaneously reducing power consumption. This gives me peace of mind knowing that I can enjoy a consistently comfortable environment without worrying about excessive energy bills.

The powerful 1.5HP cooling capacity and R32 refrigerant are stars of the entire device. It's powerful enough to cool rooms up to 23 sqm area with its Jet Cool feature. The Beko BPVOW-120 is very efficient in cooling my room rapidly which is quite a plus for me. Unlike my previous air conditioner, which takes a considerable time to cool my entire room, the BPVOW-120 is very effective in delivering cool air swiftly.

Beko BPVOW-120 1.5HP Window-Type Aircon Review

Aside from its Jet Cool feature, the BPVOW-120 also ensures that every corner of the room is supplied with cool air due to its 4D Air Outlet. This is an adjustable panel which allows you to direct the cool air in multiple directions. What's even more interesting is the fact that the unit operates quietly. I was quite amazed how I can even do voiceover recordings without it being detected on the playback.

Maintenance and Sustainability

The Beko BPVOW-120 comes with a washable filter. This means that you can easily clean the filter without even hiring a third-party service provider. You just need to place the filter under running water to clean it. In terms of other on-device diagnosis, this appliance is capable of detecting plausible issues, and gives users LED warnings that facilitates faster troubleshooting. It also features a gold coating on its evaporator that protects it from corrosive elements and bacteria. This preserves the longevity of the AC unit.

Beko BPVOW-120 1.5HP Window-Type Aircon Review

As mentioned before, the AC unit is using an R32 refrigerant which is very efficient and has low environmental impact. The R32 is well-known for being nature-friendly. Unlike other refrigerants, the R32 does not deplete the ozone layer, and it also has 3x lower global warming potential.

The AC unit also automatically adjusts to preset temperature when set in Eco Mode. This energy-saving feature not only promotes environmental sustainability but also helps to reduce electricity consumption; thus, resulting in lower utility bills. The optimization of the cooling process according to energy-efficient parameters allows the Eco Mode to ensure comfortable indoor temperatures while minimizing its ecological footprint.

Beko BPVOW-120 1.5HP Window-Type Aircon Review

Should You Buy the Beko BPVOW-120 1.5HP Window-Type Aircon?

The Beko BPVOW-120 1.5HP Window-Type Aircon is very easy to recommend due to its compact design, powerful jet cooling performance and sustainability features. Its ProSmart Inverter tech is consistent in offering comfortable environment without worrying about excessive energy bills, making it an ideal choice for both eco-conscious individuals and those seeking cost-effective cooling solutions.

The Beko BPVOW-120 1.5HP Window-Type Airconditioner is priced at Php 30,990, but you can find it in multiple deals when you check out Beko official platforms and partner stores nationwide.

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