Facebook's gears up with Smart List

Have you ever tried to sort out friends into your own customized list in Facebook? Or did you ever wish of dividing your friends into different discrete groups like Google + does? Let us say that before this “add to list” feature was released, you already have hundreds of contacts piling in your Friend’s tab. And sorting them all the way into their supposed list seems like a hell of a workload to do. Well, say no more because a new feature called the Smart List is in its testing stage at the moment.

The new feature has been crawling in the net lately for selected users and will (hopefully) reach wider deployment soon. This feature will automatically divide your friends into three major categories: Co-workers, Classmates and People approximately within 80-km radius. This will solve the problem of customizing your status within particular group, so you won’t end up reprimanded by your boss when you whine about your work in Facebook. 

In other words, this Feature is somewhat the space between your Facebook Groups and your entire friends list. Let’s just hope that we would be easy for all of us social network sloth out there. So what do you think of this feature?
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