MORE Facebook updates coming your way

I have received numerous comments about the new update of Facebook as of this posting. Well if you haven’t checked out your account yet, grab it while it’s lukewarm.
Well, one of the most notable feature was the twitterish profile picture icon on the upper-right corner of your screen. And if you feel like these updates are way cooler than the previous layout, hold your breath because there’s more to come!

Reports are pressing that the “Like” button will be joined by three more variants namely: “Read”, “Watched” and “Listened”.  And a “Want” button will also be included in the list for the Facebook stalkers out there.
Love it or Hate it, these updates will soon hit your profile sooner than expected. In line with this news, a considerable number of Facebook users protest for a “Hate” or “Dislike” button thinking that these suck-up buttons is way too much. So why won’t you guys tell me your thoughts about these updates?
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