Google + exits "trial" stage, now on BETA

Who says that Google + is still in “field trial” stage?
Well. With the advent of these new features, it seems that the trial stage is officially over. To press more on that, Google has announced today that its Google + social networking site has been upgrade into the BETA status. In other words, it’s now open to everyone. And when I say “open” I mean you can join without asking someone to invite you to the site.

It has presented a pack of new features which includes improvements in Hangout video chat service. These includes Hangout apps on your smartphone (atleast Android 2.3), On Air features for public broadcasts. Plus, you can do “screensharing” activities like sketchpad and Google Docs.
Living up to its trademark, Google has added a “Search” function in the site and renamed its Huddle group chat feature to just plain “Messenger”.  Too view the complete set of updates, check their blog.
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