Facebook thrumps a massive change in layout with Timeline

           Update: I just have my own Facebook Timeline...way cooler that I expected. And if you want to get your timeline, just follow this tutorial.

Zuckerberg introduces new Facebook layout

 Facebook will be the giant spider and you’ll be the fly. That is the future of Facebook!

Remember what I said about the forthcoming changes that Facebook will undergo in the next weeks? I did not expect it to be this big! Well, its creator Mark Zuckerberg, had just unveiled in the Facebook F8 Development Conference this morning. He unveiled the Timeline, a central page where your stories, apps and pictures can be posted utilizing a chronological arrangement for you to express and highlight the most important content that you share in Facebook.

This layout will be much of a visual experience than the last layout. For your privacy, the timeline views will allow you to select the contents that you want to show in your profile by photos, locations and much more. Aside from the apps, you can also add “likes” in orderly fashion. Plus, you will have the ability to go back on your timeline and add items in each chronological time that you want.

New Facebook layout in mobile
In the meantime Timeline is only available for Facebook Developer users, but it’ll roll out in the web in a few weeks. Get ready people, the future of facebook is here! Check this out for more pictures and features.
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