realme Buds T100 Review

realme outs another TWS earphones in the market - the realme Buds T100. This time, it settles in the entry-level space, and it's worth-noting that this might open a new series of TWS earbuds in the market for the brand. The Buds T100 is priced at only Php 1299 which is a highly contested space in the wireless audio segment. Let's see what this device brings on the table with its very affordable price.

realme Buds T100 Review

Design and Fit

The realme Buds T100 adopts a stem design earbuds which is slightly smaller than Apple's Airpods Pro. In fact, the Buds T100's design is highly similar to the latter with the use of eartips as passive noise-cancelling feature.

The earbuds' body comes with controls that would enable users to skip tracks and invoke play/pause actions. Likewise, there are slits located on the body but I'd rather say they're not for the sensors since taking off the earbuds does not stop the tracks that I'm playing. As usual, the bottom of the stem has the contacts for charging.

realme Buds T100 Review

The case has a pebble-like design which is entirely made of plastic. I like the satisfying sound it makes when you shut the lid to close the case.

The realme branding is on the most conspicuous part on the face of the case; under it is the LED indicator while the USB-C port is just on the adjacent side.

realme Buds T100 Review

The case is very pocketable, but I'd be careful putting it inside a pocket with some coins, as it may easily be scratched due to its plastic build.

realme Buds T100 Review

I have used the earbuds while doing active exercises like running, HIIT, and more. I have to say they have a comfortable fit, even when using them in longer hours. They also do not fall easily from the ears. The buds are also light-weight that it feels like you're barely wearing them.

Sound Quality, Performance

The realme Buds T100 supports Google Fast Pair feature wherein you can instantly connect the TWS with your device by just opening the lid. This is the magic of the Bluetooth v5.3 which happens to be powering the buds' wireless connectivity.

As for the sound quality, the Buds T100 is straight-out a capable budget earphones. If you're looking for more bass, we think this TWS could deliver, but not to the point that you'll be overwhelmed like in the recently released Buds Q2s. On this front, the 10mm Dynamic Bass Driver is working its magic. Thus, this earbuds seems ideal if you're into upbeat music which has a lot of bass. EDM songs also sound great with the T100.

realme Buds T100 Review

However, I think the T100 needs more kick in the Mids section; while the Highs leave more room to be desired. I'd say that these are quite understandable knowing that this earbuds is on the budget side. If you're listening to a podcast or if you're more into vocals, you'll be delighted in how clear these register in the earbuds.

As for the overall soundstage, I think that it's quite limited for certain elements to standout. And with the lack of customization, you'll get stuck in one single sound profile. However, I still think that the sound quality is decent for its price.

Controls and Battery Life

The realme Buds T100 is not supported by the realme Link app. This means that - as I have mentioned above - you can't customize sound profiles, use equalizer function, and manage controls.

realme Buds T100 Review

The T100 only supports touch controls. You can skip tracks by triple clicking either right or left earbuds. Likewise, the Play/Pause function is invoked when you double tap either earbuds. You can also do a press-and-hold action to increase or decrease the volume. It's worth-noting that the TWS gives tapping sounds feedback for users to monitor how many taps they have made - this is quite a very useful feature that most of the TWS earbuds in its league lack.

The battery life is quite okay. In our actual use, we can manage to get almost 6 hours of continuous usage and up to 28 hours with the case. This is based on fair to moderate use.

realme Buds T100 Review

Should You Buy The realme Buds T100?

For its price of Php 1299, the realme Buds T100 is a very compelling option. I love its stem design and snappy case; together with its comfort fit and minute footprint, the T100 is something you'd carry around. The sound quality is above average in its segment; however, it could do a whole lot more if the buds is supported by the realme Link app with some customizations available. Overall, I still love the simplicity and performance of this TWS earphones.

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