iPhone as your ultimate game controller for iPad and Mac

Apple is robust in the gaming scene by consistently bringing in new innovation for millions of gamers out there. It has been earlier reported that the Game Center already hit a staggering 130M monthly active users and the Company is keen in sustaining the momentum with the introduction of new functionalities and features on our Apple gadgets.

The Cupertino Company has worked with third-party made-for-iPhone (MFI) controller which gained thousands of games and support. An example of MFI accessory is Razer’s sophisticated slide-out case, the JunglecatFor a price of $99, you will get a high-precision and full-fledged game controller. 

To optimize the earlier functionality of iPhone and MFI controllers, Apple incorporates what it calls a “controller forwarding” feature that you can lateron integrate with iPads and Macs. Gamers can even use iPhone’s touch screen for additional control options aside from the basic physical buttons of the MFI controller.

We knew, based on our experience, that the touch-screen is never enough for Games. Gamers need precise controls for a better gaming experience. The new controller forwarding feature along with our iPhone and MFi support, is certainly designed to optimize controls and give gamers a better grip to their games. You can now enjoy games anywhere without the hassle of bulky controllers. Truly iPhone, with its many capabilities, gives optimum experience to users and gamers alike.

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