20 iOS 8 key features you've been waiting for the longest time

Most of us are still hooked up with iOS 7. Its minimalist and flashy aesthetics gave the boot to once iconic skeuomorphism. And by chance, Apple is ready to step another foot forward. It has taken the wraps off the iOS 8 at the WWDC 2014. Here’s our take on “everything iOS 8” so be sure that you’ll check the deets right after the jump.

1. User interface

The interface is still iOS 7-ish. But the new version is technically the more polished and its packs a lot of features that Apple did not include in the iOS 7.1 update.

2. Interactive Notifications

On top of the Notification Center, this feature allows you to do series of activities (through swiping left or down) without leaving the Notification Center itself. If you have been notified by a tweet on Twitter, you could reply instantly without opening the app. The Interactive Notification can also be used in lockscreen mode.

3. Multitasking View

You can now see your frequent contacts with the recently-opened apps by double tapping the home button.

4. Spotlight

Now, the Spotlight is not only limited to messages or emails. With the new Spotlight, you can now look for anything in your system like apps, music, news, etc. You name it.

5. Tab View Mode in Safari

You can now have multiple tabs in the same window. This reflects the company’s intent to integrate its mobile platform with their desktop products.

6. Appointments on Mail

Mail will have a new feature in which you can easily include on your calendar reservations and appointments. Plus, you can also Trash, Flag or use More options with simple swipe gestures.

7. Messages

The improved messages app can now support group messages, names threads, message blocking and location sharing with your contacts. There’s also a Tap-to-Talk which is purely a voice messaging feature. You just have to tap the mic icon and record a message and hit send.

8. QuickType Keyboard

One of the most welcomed features in iOS 8 is the QuickType. It gives you series of logical words when you're typing. Likewise, it supports predictive suggestions through your typing patterns and habits.

9. iDevices Integration

We can now share file via AirDrop between iOS 8 and OS X 10.10. And to raise the “integration” a little bit higher, you can now receive messages and calls in your Mac.

10. iCloud Drive

The iCloud Drive also supports cross-platform connectivity (iOS and OS X). You can now access your files in any iDevices as long as you’re connected with the Cupertino company’s iCloud backbone.

11. HealthKit

This app will be the suite of all your mobile fitness and well-being. In a smart fashion, it allows third party fitness apps to have access into it. In turn, it will be your the center hub that will show all your records and progress in each fitness app that you’ll use.

12. HomeKit

This app serves as Apple’s stepping stone to the home integration market. This enables iOS devices to control compatible home device through Siri.

13. Family Sharing

Users can now define their family as one unit. Aside from sharing media, apps and account; you can control your kids’ device, apps to download, track their location, etc.

14. Photos App

The new Photos App can now put more pictures in the cloud compared to the device. Likewise, you can also take advantage of “Smart Editing” that boasts multiple sliders and controls for editing.

15. Siri

Siri just keeps getting better. You can now perk Siri up with the “hey, Siri” hotword. In line with the recent rumors, the virtual assistant is integrated with Shazam song recognition. It can even purchase songs from iTunes and support 22 new languages.

16. App Store

The App Store was tweaked to feature “trending searches.” This will make app discovery more interesting to users. Likewise, it adds a new “explore” tab and continuous app scrolling. Users can also use App Bundles which is obviously buying apps in bulk and developers can embed app videos through App Previews.

17. Widgets

iOS 8 users will have the ability to put third party widgets in the Notification Center. If you’re a widget fan waiting for Apple to support such feature, well today is your lucky day.

18. Keyboards

Aside from the widgets, iOS 8 will also support third party keyboards. You can now use custom installed keyboards like SwiftKey, Swype, etc.

19. Touch ID and Camera

The fruit company has loosen up a bit when it comes to accessing iDevice’s hardware. The latest that we've gotten so far is Apple giving a nod to developers to use the Touch ID and Camera API.

20. Maps

Maps is slowly gaining its ground since the iOS 6 fiasco. With this update, Maps has been greatly improved especially in specific areas like China.


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The new mobile software is expected to debut alongside iPhone 6 in September. However, the iOS 8 Beta is now available for developers.

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