HealthKit and Health App on iOS 8: Everything you need to know

Rumours have been confirmed. Apple announced at the World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) its foray on a health platform called HealthKit. It will be integrated with the upcoming update of the Cupertino company's firmware to iOS 8. HealthKit will be associated with a new application, simply named as Health.


HealthKit is primarily a framework for developers. This platform will collect all health and fitness related data from your apps and will present them to you in a single place via the built-in Health app. The new venture will encourage building applications that can integrate their functionality with the potentials of HealthKit. Existing third party apps like Nike+ which tracks multiple activities is also expected to use this service.

Health app

Health will serve as a hub that enables third-party apps to automatically sync and store data to this app. It also conveniently presents them to you in an intuitive manner. The Health app will serve as a "to-go" place for your health statistics such as weight, calories burned, blood pressure and more. There will also be accompanying tracking devices that will feed data to Health.

Shared-information service

This technology will lead to improved health monitoring. Apple will partner with Mayo Clinic to enable a shared information service between a patient and a doctor. That means that your doctor could send your records through this app. 

Likewise, the company will also join forces with the leaders in healthcare apps to allow a dossier-style integration of health information with major hospitals. This will help users conveniently share information with their doctors and in turn, help doctors on medical care of their patients. 

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