Samsung Galaxy SIII to be one of the thinnest smartphone in 7mm

Okay, Samsung will be hosting a separate event from the Galaxy S III launch on the contrary with the reports that it will be launched in the Mobile World Congress (MWC). We are well aware that it will be released anytime late this quarter or in early Q2. The latest buzz is that it will sport a 7mm thick hardware!

Its predecessor, the Galaxy S II is 8.49 mm thick and yet we can say that it is already thin. But having this rumor in mind make us even more excited about the next Sammy’s flagship phone. Previous round-up were a bump in the processor speed (1.5 to 1.75 GHz). And there is a great possibility that it will have a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM (wowsa!) and ofcourse, the redefined SUPER AMOLED PLUS display. The thin hardware itself questions its 4G capability because most of the 4G chips is quite thicker in dimension. But we can’t tell, Samsung is quite vigilant to be the Android’s top player.

Before we forget, we are certain that this will be infused with Ice Cream Sandwich and keep your fingers crossed because rumor has it that the release will be in April.
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