Qucik Round-up of Windows 8 capabilities

Window 8 is in the buzz right now. After the series of updates and news about the Microsoft’s Build conference in Seattle, it seems like the OS has been dynamically developed to cater the booming demands of operating system in Tablets. So with no further ado, we’ll give you a quick round up of all the “powers” that the Microsoft Windows 8 can master. 

The Metro

Microsoft believes that Metro is the future, as it deems the Redmond megalith very vital for the development of Windows 7. But now, it’s applying the said scheme to Windows 8 entire philosophy. Metro is a distinction User Interface, or it can be considered as an entire separate layer added and run on the same platform, but everything else come with the same windows environment.
Having skins in Metro, the new user interface will be highlighted with Charms as the new Start Menu on the right side of the screen wherein you can search, manage settings, share your favorite files, etc. It also has the Lock Screen wherein you can view the status of emails, instant messages and battery life; all in one glance. Check out the pictures of interfaces of your favorite activities in your tablets:

Lock Screen
On the right of screen: Charms
Browsing Interface

Dual App Focus and Resolution

Dual App Screen

                The Metro user interface allows opening two apps at a time so that you can do your multitasking sessions. You can do this by dragging apps to the side of the screen to launch in the smaller portion window. But dual app focus can only be supported with a minimum resolution requirement of 1366x768 pixels. Ofcourse, resolution is the thing that matters in Microsoft’s dictionary. It is important to highlight though that Windows 8 will only run in minimum of 1024x728 pixels.

NFC Support

                Very notable enough, Windows 8 can support NFC powered devices. NFC devices are technologies that either transmit or receive information. It’s like working on Bluetooth, but this time you can tap in a broader range of file format. This could copy webpage, app, song or video from your smartphone to your tablet. There is also a Refresh feature that could retract you settings in a factory default.
                So, what do you think of the new Windows 8? I think we can expect to see Windows 8 OS in our favorite tablets like Galaxy, Iconia and IdeaPad sooner than we think.

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