Why the soon-to-be-defunct HP Touchpad is still worth the price?

HP Touchpad

HP screws the price standards of the tablet makers as it drops the HP Touchpad price to $99 after announcing that it’ll abandon the $ 1.2 billion-worth of WebOS system. Now, tech geeks out there are in a seesaw of buying the device or not. So just to help you on whether you’ll bite wire or not, here’s a quick recap of the TouchPad’s capability:
This 9.7 inch tablet from HP was made available last July to go neck and neck with the current kings of tablet court, the iPad2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The original price was $499 for 16GB model and $599 for 32GB and weighs in at 1.6 pounds, heavier than any other tablets mentioned. This tab stands out because of its classy and piano like finish. Screen resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels matching the iPad and ofcourse running at WebOS 3.0. All for only $99 in the current sale.
Right now, HP quits the WebOS ecosystem and many speculate that the Touchpad will never get a software update. And being a dead platform, consumers say that there will be no apps for it. And I say they’re right but there’s a trapdoor for that.
Because technology is always up for the future, everything will always be up for the updates and what gadgets will be like. But I think what matters most right now is the present value of the touchpad. I mean it’s too good to be true for its current price. It’s the best example of what the gadget looks like now. It’ll never change even if there’s an August 2011 written in its tombstone.
If you’re a practical person, then save your money for another gadget. But if you’re the one who's looking for the “what it is and will always be like that” value of the gadget, then this one is for you.
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