China spoils new iPhone 5 design

Wall Street Journal announces that iPhone 5 is coming to Sprint this mid-October. But before the big announcement of the iPhone 5 release, an alleged iPhone 5 clone in Shenzhen, China (the same place where the iPhones are manufactured) hit the internet.  Geeks are speculating if this could really be the real thing.  Check more pictures after the jump.

This alleged clone is 7mm thick, so that would be around 0.275 inches. It also has LED flash, the volume and power controls and the usual iPhoney black plastic finish. Aside from the dimension, rumors about it having plastic cases and round glass for both the screen and back potion, was being realized in this china phone. The clone looks like a mixture of the earlier models, somewhat a polished fused version of the first generation and iPhone 4. The curves and the smooth-finish is patterned to iPhone 3G.

If the October release will push through, expect that it’ll hit the shores anytime in the last quarter. And reports claim that the real iPhone 5 has 4G capabilities; and when I say 4G, I mean WiMax.
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