Techno Geek tries new FB Features

Last July, Facebook announces the “improvement” of the new video chat, chat design and Skype integrated video-calling as its marks the margin of 750 million users. And after two months of hearing whines and complains, here’s what your resident geek has to say about this new thingy:

The new Chat Design
The most glaring that I had noticed in the new chat design is that you have to glare to the Online/Offline status itself; its inconsistency in the user’s state keeps on bugging everyone. The root cause of this turmoil is your screen size. Yes, the new design is perfect for those who have wider screens because the sidebar gives you a little less of effort in seeing those who are available for chatting, it’s like an iChat list. On the contrary, this list will not appear on smaller screens.

The New Group Chat
Once again, it doesn’t take a genius to know what group chat means. This gives user the access to chat with several members in private. Plus, if the invited chatters are offline, they will get the minutes of the chat once they signed in.

New Skype Integrated Video Calling
I tried this feature last year but, FB had recalled it because of technical problems. Now that, it has been integrated with Skype, it’s free for everyone! All you have to do is log-in, select a friend and click the “Start Video Call” button. But the thing is, the video chat is only one on one.

Ok. I won’t make this long; try the new features after the jump!
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