GCash provides financial services to Filipinos no matter where they are in the world

As the Philippines celebrates National Heroes' Day in the Philippines, GCash is doubling down on its commitment to advancing digital financial solutions that enable Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to maintain strong connections with their families back home.

GCash provides financial services to Filipinos no matter where they are in the world

To date, Filipinos abroad are now remitting to around 1 million GCash accounts in the Philippines.

“As we recognize the sacrifices and hard work of our modern-day heroes abroad, we want to make a real difference in the lives of every Filipino around the globe by providing them equal access to financial opportunities and a chance to achieve their dreams for themselves and their families wherever they are. These are just some of our innovations to help lessen the hardships of our hardworking OFWs and make their lives better everyday,” said G-Xchange, Inc. (GXI) president and chief executive officer Ren-Ren Reyes.

Referred to as modern-day heroes, OFWs often leave the country to provide for their families and create a brighter future for themselves. The money they send back home has also largely contributed to the country’s economic growth.

GCash has products designed to help overseas Filipinos make their caring presence felt by their families back in the Philippines. Beyond offering safe and convenient services, here’s how GCash helps make Filipino lives better every day wherever they are.

GCash can be used with an international SIM

With around 10 million Filipinos living abroad, GCash allows them to use the app’s services even as they use international SIMs. With the beta launch of GCash Overseas, Filipinos in Japan, Italy, the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia can sign up for the mobile wallet, even without a Philippine SIM.

Once they’re fully verified, Filipinos overseas can easily support their families back home by using the e-wallet’s services so they can Send Money for free, instantly Buy Load for themselves or their loved ones, and even Pay Bills on-time with just a few taps on the app. GCash has also been doubling down on its international expansion to offer more services to Filipinos working overseas.

GCash is available anywhere in the world

To help make the lives of Filipinos abroad easier, GCash also ensures that they can use the app and its essential financial services wherever they are as long as they have a Philippine SIM.

Aside from sending money and paying bills, Filipinos overseas can also protect their families and secure a better financial future for them by using the app’s insurance marketplace in GInsure, as well as grow their hard-earned money with GFunds, GStocks PH, and GSave. At the same time, as they use the app's many features more frequently, they can also improve their GScore which can unlock higher credit limits and more helpful financial services.

GCash makes remittance easier and faster

Aside from bridging the gap between relatives living far away from each other, it’s also vital to ensure Filipinos who rely on remittances from their loved ones overseas have a faster, and more secure way to receive their money hassle-free, even those without GCash accounts.

OFWs can send their remittances to their loved ones back in the Philippines via GCash’s 40+ remittance partners all over the world like Western Union, MoneyGram, Remitly, Wise, Sendwave and more. In tapping over 60 global remittance partners and expanding its services to Filipinos around the world, GCash makes sure that every OFWs’ hard-earned money is safe, secure, and will be sent to their families back home instantly.

Filipinos abroad can download the GCash app on Google Play, App Store, or Huawei AppGallery and register an account for free, either with an active and roaming Philippine SIM card or an international SIM.

For Filipinos in Japan, Australia, UK, USA, Canada, and Italy, GCash can easily be downloaded using their international SIM card so they can stay connected whenever.

For more information, visit https://www.gcash.com.

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