Panasonic Nanoe X to be in Jaguar Land Rover's HVAC System

Panasonic confirms that Jaguar Land Rover*1, a luxury automobile brand, will use Panasonic’s nanoe X technology in in-vehicle HVAC systems in the future. 

Panasonic Nanoe X Tech will be in Jaguar Land Rover's in-vehicle HVAC System

Panasonic Nanoe X Technology in Jaguar Land Rover

Models across the Jaguar range currently offer the nanoe technology, including the new all-electric Jaguar I-PACE performance SUV. Likewise, the Land Rover line-up which includes the Discovery and Range Rover Evoque also use this tech.

nanoe is a nano-sized particulate ion produced by applying a high voltage to water in the air. It contains hydroxyl radicals which are highly reactive components. These components easily act on various substances. 

The production of hydroxyl radicals has been increased tenfold compared to conventional products. The nano X is used in home appliances such as air purifiers, air conditioners, washing machines*A, and refrigerators. It is also used in automobiles*A, trains*A, and commercial air-conditioning equipment. This wide application is due to its various effects such as deodorization*2 inhibition of bacteria*3 and allergens*4.

Not only in the automotive sector, Panasonic will also continue to pursue the realization of "Quality Air for Life" in various areas of our lives and society, including housing-related fields and home appliances. These include selected models of air conditioners, refrigerator, and air purifiers in order to deliver a healthy lifestyle.



*1: Jaguar Land Rover Automotive plc (“the Company”) and its subsidiaries are collectively referred to as “the Group” or “JLR”. The Company is a public limited company incorporated and domiciled in the United Kingdom. The address of its registered office is Abbey Road, Whitley, Coventry CV3 4LF, England, United Kingdom. The Company is a subsidiary of Tata Motors Limited, India and acts as an intermediate holding company for the Jaguar Land Rover business. The principal activity during the year was the design, development, manufacture and marketing of high-performance luxury saloons, specialist sports cars and four-wheel-drive off-road vehicles.

*A  not available in the Philippines

*2 The following effects have been verified after about 12 minutes in a space of approximately 23 m3. However, this is not the result of measurement in actual use space.

●Testing organisation: Product Analysis Center, Panasonic Corporation ●Test method: verified using the six-level odour intensity scale method in an approximately 23 m3 sized test room. ●Deodorising method: nanoe™ released ●Test substance: adhered cigarette smoke odour ●Test result: odour intensity reduced by 2.4 in 12 minutes (4AA33-160615-N04)

*3 The following effects have been verified after about 4 hours in a space of approximately 25 m3 (However, the results are not measured in actual use space)

●Testing organisation: Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science ●Test method:  the number of bacteria is measured after direct exposure in an approximately 25 m3 sized airtight test room ●Inhibition method: nanoe™ released

●Test substance: airborne bacteria ●Types of bacteria tested: 1 type ●Test result: 99% or more inhibition in 4 hours (24_0301_1)

*4 The following effects have been verified after about 24 hours in a space of approximately 23 m3. (However, this is not the result of measurement in an actual use space. 

●Testing organisation: Panasonic Product Analysis Center ●Testing method: Verified using the electrophoresis method in an approximately 23m3 sized test room ●Inhibition method: nanoe™ released ● Test substance: allergens ● Test result: 99% or more inhibition in 24 hours (4AA33-151001-F01)

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