LYPERTEK TEVI Review: High Quality TWS Earphones

LYPERTEK TEVI Review: High Quality TWS Earphones

Lypertek is making a great impression to audiophiles due to its quality audio products. Its latest offering is the Lypertek Tevi which boasts a good looking case, graphene drivers, and IPX7 ingress protection. With its sub PhP 5K offering, the Lypertek Tevi is charging to multiple competitors in this price range. Will it emerge as a solid contender? Let's find out in this Lypertek Tevi Review.

LYPERTEK TEVI Review and Unboxing

Quick Unboxing

The Lypertek Tevi is packaged in a see-through box. It comes with a generous set of out-of-the-box items:

1. TEVI TWS Earphones
2. Charging case
3. S, M, L Silicone Tips
4. FLEXFIT Foam Tips (M)
5. USB Type-C Cable
6. Quick Start Guide

LYPERTEK TEVI Unboxing and Review


The Lypertek Tevi features a bean pod oval case with woven fabric finish. This is a departure to the usual matte and plastic finish of the majority of TWS earphones in the market. It feels clean and refreshing to hold. The case features LED indicators at the front and USB Type-C port at the back. There's also a slot for the leather-like lanyard at the side, and the Lypertek logo is on the top of the lid.

LYPERTEK TEVI Review: Design


Opening the case, you'll be greeted by the earbuds. They look exactly like the conventional earbuds. It features physical buttons on the face of the earbuds alongside an LED indicator. This multifunction button is very clickable which makes it easier to control the Lypertek Tevi.

Lypertek Tevi turns on automatically if taken out of the case and auto off when placed back into its case. Pairing the device, simply double click any side of TEVI to enter pairing mode. Just tap (LYPERTEK) TEVI-L or if you double clicked the right side, tap (LYPERTEK) TEVI-R on your smartphone Bluetooth settings. Based on experience, it can only be paired to one device.

By default, you can play or pause the Tevi in one click, crank the volume up (right bud) or down (left bud) by double clicking the buds, and skip to previous (left bud) or next (right bud) track by triple clicking. You can also answer or reject phone calls using the button. But of course, you can customize all these controls in the companion app.


LYPERTEK TEVI Review: Quality TWS Earphones

At the bottom of the earbuds' body are the charging contacts and the mechanism where the silicone tip attaches. The earbuds are small compared to other earbuds in this price range, which is definitely a good thing for me.

All in all, the Lypertek Tevi comes with solid design. It looks pleasant in the eyes and the case feels premium with its woven fabric exterior. Plus, I always love the snapping sound when it closes.

Fit, Features, and Companion App

Doing High Intensity Interval Training with the earbuds is such a breeze. It did not fall from my ears despite the multiple squats, jumps, and burpees. I could definitely tell that this is a great workout companion.

You can swap silicone tips to get the best fit. Plus, you can try the foam tips which to me are more comfortable. It's always a challenge to find tips that make you barely tell that you're wearing earbuds at all. But, I found it in this set.

There's a 6-mm graphene driver on the Lypertek Tevi and it supports Bluetooth 5.0. However, you can't pair the Tevi on multiple devices at the same time. It taps the Qualcomm TWS+ where it directly connects both earbuds to the phone, whereas other set of earbuds in the market has one primary earbud and one secondary. There are several advantages in this feature, like even volume and decrease in latency.

Lypertek Tevi Review: App

The Lypertek companion app allows you to control EQ of the sound. You can also customize the color scheme of the earbuds' buttons. It's a good thing that the app is available in both Android and iOS.

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Audio Quality

Lypertek Tevi features a well-balanced sound stage that's quite superior from its closest competition. Its sound is neutral and quite natural. By natural I mean, the sound is not overproduced. It's not as "bassy" as other TWS earphones is claiming to be, if you need a little oomph, you can't get it here. Nevertheless, every other sound registers seem to be on point and the bass is quite fine with me.

Lypertek Tevi Review

The Tevi has a very defined mid tones, one that's not overshadowed by low and high registers. Vocals with this TWS earbuds are rich and fuller.

High-end frequency response is also a winner. Treble is managed very well with enough clarity and detail. This is reminiscent to guitar strings and high-pitch vocals. At this price, it's hard to find this kind of sound quality, especially for a TWS earbuds, but Lypertek Tevi has made a mark on this one.

I think that the Lypertek Tevi settles in the middle when it comes to audio recording. Nonetheless, it is still a good device for virtual calls. It does not have an active noise cancellation feature but the actual buds offer passive noise cancellation, especially the foam buds.

Lypertek Tevi's connectivity to your smartphone or device is also on high bars. I have not experienced Bluetooth disconnection while on calls or listening to media, which to me is the core function of TWS.


As for the battery life, the Lypertek Tevi will give you 10 hours of continuous usage. Lypertek also claimed that it can provide 70 hours of usage with the case.

With our test period, we tallied just about battery life as the company claims.

Lypertek Tevi Review: Battery

Verdict: Should You Buy The LYPERTEK TEVI Earphones?

To be honest, in this price range, I think Lypertek Tevi shades its competitors when it comes to audio quality. I mean, the sound is simply amazing. The sound quality alone could propel this TWS earbuds into a higher price range. With its PhP 4,790 price, it's definitely a steal buy.

Its weaved fabric design is unique, and with a case that could give up to 70 hours of battery life, the Lypertek Tevi is a clear winner.

You can get the Lypertek Tevi at Digital Walker ( and Beyond the Box ( stores.


Driver: High Performance 6mm Graphene Driver
Frequency Response: 20 - 20kHz
Microphone: cVc 8.0 Noise Cancelling, Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression
Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth Codec: Qualcomm aptX, AAC, SBC
IPX7 Waterproof Rating
Light weight at 5 grams
Type-C Port
800mAh battery charging case (Fabric covered)
Magnetic Charging
Voice assistant support (Siri, Google Voice Assistant, etc.)
PhP 4,790

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