Sudio Nio Aurora TWS Earbuds Review and Unboxing

Sudio NIO Aurora Review

Sudio is getting quite a lot of fanfare lately with its TWS products. With the rise of the number of consumers working from home and homeschooling, TWS earbuds are hitting high in terms of demands. The Swedish company's NIO line has been released in the Philippines earlier this year, and Sudio wanted you to get more excited with the release of the enchanting Nio Aurora color variant.

Sudio Nio Aurora Review

Aside from the very chic and vibrant Sudio Nio Aurora case and earbuds, the box also includes the Aurora-themed USB Type-C cable, Nio Owner's manual, three pairs of wingtips, precautions document, and a microfiber cloth which informs you that you can claim your extended warranty in Sudio's website.

Sudio Nio Aurora Review


The Sudio Nio Aurora definitely has a striking resemblance to the Apple Airpods. This seems to be a bold move considering that the Swedish company is positioning the Sudio Nio as an alternative to Apple's TWS product. The main difference between the two is that the Sudio NIO Aurora is an eyecatcher due to its variety of color options. In the case of the Sudio Nio Aurora, the case and the earbuds resemble the blue-green or emerald shade of the Aurora Borealis. To me, it looks teal which is very classy yet fun to look at.

Sudio Nio Aurora Review
Size comparison: Sudio Nio Aurora case beside Apple Airpods Pro Case

The case is of good quality. You'll know it is when it makes a snapping sound when you close its lid. However, it's not as solid as an Airpod's case but it's still way up there. On the center, there's a Sudio branding; the right side has the USB Type-C port; while the bottom houses the reset button.

Flipping the case open, you'll see the good looking earbuds with silicone wingtips. These tips function as sleeves that make direct contact on your ear. These provide fit and function as passive noise cancellation mechanism. On the body of each earbud, there's an LED indicator and a touch control in metallic accents. On top of that, another a metallic contact can be found at the bottom of an earbud for charging purposes.

Sudio Nio Aurora Review

Sudio Nio Aurora Setup and Controls

Setting up the Sudio Nio Aurora is just a walk in the park. For a start, you can pair it with your phone by opening the case and removing the earbuds from the case. Then, you can activate the Bluetooth connectivity on your phone and look for "Sudio Nio", and then you're good to go.

You can control the Sudio Nio Aurora using the touch sensor on each of the earbuds. On the left earbud, you can Play/Pause by tapping once, skip to previous track by tapping twice, and cranking down the volume by tapping 3 times. On the right earbud, you can also Play/Pause by tapping once, skip to next track by tapping twice, and crank up the volume by tapping thrice. 

Sudio NIO Aurora Review

When taking calls, you can press once on either earbud, press twice to end calls, and thrice to reject calls. The light indicator on the case and the earbuds turns white when the battery is below 25%. Having touch controls is quite a plus for me. It provides another layer of convenience in managing and controlling media. However, I must say that the sensors in the Sudio Nio are not that sensitive. You have to aim for the metallic part to get the function right. For a first time user, controls could be a challenge, but I think it will get better if you get the hang of it. It would also be a great idea if Sudio comes with a companion app which lets user customize controls and sound output.

Sudio Nio Aurora Review

Fit, Function, Sound Quality

I love the idea of adding wingtips in ear of the earbud. Aside from securing the earbud in place, it also functions as a passive noise cancellation mechanism. The wingtips are interchangeable to give the best possible fit to users. I have a normal ear size but I'm using the smaller silicone tips than the one that comes pre-installed. I think you'll spend more time choosing the right wingtip to optimize your listening experience.

And speaking of audio quality, I think the Sudio Nio Aurora has a balanced sound stage. I always love a good bass, and I think the Sudio Nio delivered in this department. It also registers guitar rifts and highs clearly. I tried using the Sudio Nio without the wingtips and I noticed that sound quality is way better. I also love the consistency of Nio's sound stage, plus vocals are also crisp.

Sudio Nio Aurora Review

Battery Life

The Sudio Nio Aurora is very dependable in taking calls. It has the adaptive dual-microphone technology that filters background noise. I love using it in Zoom calls and Microsoft Teams meetings. If you're working from home, this could be your jam.

As for the battery life, the Sudio Nio Aurora could stretch up to 20 hours with the case. The earbuds could run 5 hours in full charging. There's nothing special here. I think this battery life is quite similar to what we have on a sub Php 4K price range. Charging the Sudio Nio Aurora from zero to a hundred percent would take around 2 hours.

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Verdict: Should You Buy The Sudio Nio Aurora TWS Earbuds?

The Sudio Nio Aurora is a decent alternative to the Apple Airpods. For one, it looks like the latter but what's refreshing to see is its take on the new colorway. By far, this is the most attention-grabber TWS I've used. If you're into flashy accessories, then this one won't disappoint.

As for the quality, the Sudio Nio Aurora ticks the essential boxes you'll need for a good TWS earbuds - it has a balance sound stage, decent bass, and it's also good for video calls.

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Sudio NIO Aurora Specs

10mm driver size
32 ohm impedance
Bluetooth 5.0
SBC Audio Codec
IPX4 Splash proof
20 hours play time
1.5 hours charging time
3.7 V, 400 mAh battery case
35mAh battery for earbuds
USB Type C

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