Bolt28 Regional Sports Marketing Agency launched for Traditional and E-Sports disciplines

Bolt28 Communications leads the charge for traditional and non-tradition sports activations and promotions in the country. It’s a newly established Regional Sports Marketing Agency that deems the marriage of sports and technology vital in today’s sports climate. The agency’s one main focus is to support athletes by developing strong grassroots programs and competitions; not just by staging events.

Bolt28 is manned by the best people in both sports and marketing industries. Tricia Canilao and Laurence Mossman are the creators behind the company. Both became successful in their respective fields abroad but decided to come back to the Philippines to harness the possibilities and opportunities the country can provide.

Alongside the inception of the company comes their first offering, the Bolt28 SIM Racing. E-Sports has grown from being a mere recreational activity to one of the fastest growing industres in the world; in fact, it is now a very lucrative industry raking a billion dollar revenue in 2018. And it is expected to hit USD 1.6 billion in 2021. With the advent of 5G technology in the region, it will definitely bolster E-Sports, and Bolt28 intends to innovate in this area with the aid of private sector partnerships.

Moreover, Bolt28 also partnered with eCG, a regional television network and online streaming platform, to gain wider audiences and develop bigger communities. Bolt28 also named James Deakin as their official brand ambassador. Deakin is a multi-media and award-winning automotive journalist, event host, key opinion leader, inspiration speaker and road safety advocate. The agency would want to work with Deakin to advance his platform and introduce a whole new generation to the automotive industry thru E-Sports and Technology.

Bolt28 SIM Racing

The company also announced the Bolt28 SIM Racing competition, a 5-day event that will be staged in SM City Clark in April. First 3 days will be qualifying time-finals which will be followed by semi-finals and finals. Newcomers and seasoned drivers are encouraged to compete or simply try out SIM Racing. The event will have ground activations, a chance for people to try the game; and special ones like Celebrity Racing and Campus Wars.
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