Nokia releases cheapest Lumia to date, Lumia 510: 4-inch screen, 1GHz CPU, 5MP camera

Nokia outs another entry-level Windows Phone in the form of Lumia 510. This, however, won’t be lined up with the Windows Phone 8 Lumias since it’ll be getting the one-generation late WP 7.5 Mango. But eventually, it’ll be fetched with Windows Phone 7.8 update.

Talking about the screen, it sports a bigger real estate with 4-inch WVGA TFT compared to the cheapest Lumia to date, the Lumia 610. It also features 5MP autofocus camera with VGA video recording.

Inside the Lumia 510 is the Snapdragon S1 processor; there’s no mention of the clocking speed as of the moment but most sources tell it’s 1GHz. The downside will be the 256MB RAM that will definitely limit multi-tasking capabilities. Likewise, flash memory will also be limited to 4GB and it’s non-expandable. However, a windows Phone is entitled to 7GB free cloud storage on SkyDrive to patch things up.

Availability will be in China and India in November and will also be released in Asia-Pacific and South America. Price estimate is $200.
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