Google to release cellular-enabled Nexus 7 along with the 32GB variant on October 29

It’s not a secret that the Google’s first tablet, Nexus 7, has received its fair share of fame in the Android community - it has even crossed the border line and took spotlight in the tablet world. One good reason for that is Google having strategically priced it in sud-200 USD, and it is for the same reason why the 8GB and 16GB sales exceed expectations. Now, the 32GB version is very imminent in the upcoming October 29 Google event and the search giant has yet to announce what else are in store for us in the “playground.”

The beefed-up version has been making a surprise appearance in different online stores these past weeks. But on the same excitement level as the 32GB variant, the Nexus 7 might come with a possible 3G (Cellular) variant that will allow other data options. Leaked images over Android Police that Staples inventory shows the 32GB Nexus 7 will have a price of USD 249 – that is the same price of the current 16GB version. However, it is expected that the latter will be scaled down to USD 199 with the planned phasing-out of the 8GB model.

All rounds of rumor suggest that Google will debut the device along with the LG-manufactured Nexus 4 smartphone and the latest iteration of Android platform (Key Lime Pie). On the otherhand, Apple is expected to drop the miniature iPad this on October 23 with features and price being pitted against the current Nexus line. In this case, your decision making skills will then again be challenged.


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