Google refreshes Samsung-made Chromebook for USD 249

Last year’s Google I/O event unleashed the Google Chromebook yet until now it has to crawl itself to the spotlight of consumer electronics. However, Google has released the latest iteration of Samsung-made netbook-ish device. Having in mind the Nexus 7 antics, Google has priced the new Chromebook with USD 249 (roughly Php 11,000) that is to be released next week.

The Chromebook packs 11.6-inch display and is capable of playing 1080p video at 30fps easily. Memory-wise, it has 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage space. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Chromebook is light enough with at 2.5 pounds and battery can juice up to 6.5 hours so you can already see yourself having it you on-the-go bag.

Expandable options include 64GB USB pen drive (sold separately) and you can also have a 100GB cloud storage deal from Google Drive for 2 years. However, the lack of cellular connectivity would lead you to use your WiFi for the sole purpose of cloud storage.

Let’s just say that it definitely looks like a netbook, but with the sub-250 USD price point, it’ll certainly be a good stimulant for you decision making skills this holiday season.

For US consumers, you can pre-order it here.

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