[Review] iOS 6, the complete round-up

The sixth refresh of Apple’s mobile OS has been one of the most anticipated event in the tech-world, particularly in the Mac-lovers’ department. Whether it’ll be shipped in a new device or will be seeded through various updates, tech-enthusiasts keep “all eyes” on how the new software would revolutionize the way we accept these iDevices in our everyday lives. Let’s all welcome the iOS 6, and its “changes” compared to the previous iOS.


By the time Apple pulled the plug of the Google Maps into its system for their brand new Maps service, it seems like the Cupertino-based company drew a doubled-edge sword in a one-on-one battle. It is but natural for all those iPhone fanatics who get used to the ‘best mapping service’ to be apprehensive about the new proprietary mapping service that Apple is currently offering. However, Apple gave it a few new tricks like turn-by-turn navigation, the stunning 3D and Flyover views.

The Passbook

Apple is very steadfast about the non-inclusion of the NFC technology that has flooded flagship android devices since last year. However, Passbook is the answer to the possibility of your mobile payment options. It serves as storage for your boarding passes, store cards, etc. This app will be applicable only in US merchants as of this moment. But by the looks of it, it’ll just be another unused app in our devices – for now.

Facebook Integration

Facebook integration does exactly what the name suggests. iOS 5 have been very generous for Twitter fanatics, now it’s time for the most popular social networking site to have a system-wide sharing in iOS 6. With this, sharing photos and updating Facebook status is like breathing. You can also find Facebook share button in the notification center along with Twitter's Tap-to-Tweet. But the most exciting part is the syncing of your Facebook friends’ profile to your contacts.
Shared Photo Stream

Users can now share photos with other iOS users through Shared Photo Stream; you can even drop your comments in each photo and receive push notifications in these activities.

FaceTime now in 3G and 4G

iOS 5 limited FaceTime to just WiFi connectivity, but Apple has listened to the major cries of its user to bring this proprietary video messaging service over 3G or 4G. However, you should check with your carriers if they would add extra charges with FaceTime.

The all new Siri

Siri have been overrated in last year’s iPhone 4S campaign – promises so much but fails to deliver in most points. But Apple has better things ahead of this uber-popular voice assistant. With iOS 6, Siri could now open third party apps. It could deliver sports results instantaneously – that if your league is supported in its system. Siri could also make reservations at restaurants through Open Table, and it could also help you with queries regarding movies. As expected, Siri is now a native of the third generation iPad. Likewise, you can even ask Siri to tweet for you or even post a status message over Facebook.

Email App

The new email app can now let you flag contacts as VIPs. This means that emails from those contacts will be on high priority - like auto-tagging them with stars and will be placed in a specialized inbox. The pull-to-refresh feature has been tweaked in an iOS-kind of way…finally.


Camera app is the same thing as the iOS 5 camera. However, an overdue Panorama feature is now present along with HDR and GRID. Taking Panorama stills are much easier with iOS 6, all you have to do is activate the feature and swipe you iPhone in the scene – iOS 6 will do the rest.

App Store and iTunes Store

New layout of the App Store and iTunes Store has never been this sophisticated, the new layout has a card-style interface. Navigation is breezy and searching apps is like a walk in the park.

Do Not Disturb

The Do Not Disturb mode let users set their iDevices to be still and tame in between specified periods of time. However, persistent calls from contacts will pass through a specified number of attempts or from those VIP-flagged contacts.

Phone App and Music App

Aside from the noticeable silvery-white keypad in the phone app, you can also observe options like replying with a message for rejected calls which you can configure beforehand.

Music app diverts to an iTune-ish theme with black and white colors.

Better Safari Browser

One of the most sought-after update in iOS 6 is from Safari wherein you can now sync opened tabs across devices. That means whatever article you’re reading on you iPad, could also be read in your other iDevices. Or if you stumble upon an article and haven’t finished reading it on your Mac, you could always finish it on your mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.

You can also have the “Add to Reading List” option for you to save articles and read it offline. Remember Instapaper? Plus the full screen mode is a welcome feature.

Other Features

The Guided Access is a great feature for those who have vision, hearing, learning and mobility disabilities. This allows you to deactivate certain hardware controls or concentrate controls on a specified area on screen. You can use this to prevent kids or students to leave a particular app.

YouTube app has been dropped out of the native iOS app. However, the Google-released YouTube app for iOS is way much better.

Weather App for iPhone and iPad has also been tweaked and appears to be better that the previous. To my delight, you can now set a song “to wake up to” from your music files. Check out the table below for the available features with respect to your iDevices once the iOS 6 has been updated.

The Wrap

iOS 6, whether you like it or not, is the most advanced Apple mobile OS to date. It may disappoint in some aspect but you would always welcome the new iOS advancement. They way you see this iteration depends on how you use your device. And to some or probably most of the iOS fans, it’s still a flagged event in the iOS timeline.

iPod touch
iOS 6 feature
2nd Gen
3rd Gen
4th Gen
Maps: Flyover

Maps: Turn-by-turn


Facebook integration
Shared Photo Streams

Camera: Panorama

Camera: Snap stills while recording


FaceTime over cellular

Phone: Reply/Remind

Do Not Disturb
Mail VIPs
Safari: Full screen view

Safari: Offline reading list

Guided Access

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