iPhone 5 Unboxing: Hands-on and First Impressions

You’re probably gritting your teeth if you didn’t make it to the first batch of iPhone 5 pre-orders. And like anyone of us, September 21 has been a momentous event for all Apple loyalists since the new revolutionary iPhone is here with iOS 6…finally.

From the long months of waiting, it is but natural to savor every moment of your iPhone 5 experience. Thus, no gadget-geek can ever deny that happiness of unboxing every gadget…having to unbox an iPhone 5 makes it more euphoric. We get a hold of the White and Silver model, so here we go.

Yes it is, and I know you’re totally aware, that the new iPhone is significantly slimmer, lighter and more stunning than ever. The slick and smooth finish of the aluminum gave an ecstatic appeal when brushed by the eyes. Though, I’m not sure if you would agree that it is the most appealing iPhone hardware to date.

Now, as seen in our naked eyes, the headphone jack has been repositioned at the bottom left corner. Volume controls are still on the left side together with the mute controls; and speakers are also at the bottom. Likewise, the Lightning connector port looks considerably smaller than the 30-pin connector, the best part is that it can be connected reversibly. At the top, the sleep/wake button owns the realty.

You can’t tell the exact difference between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 in a distant view, not unless you got the chance to hold it – it had a drastic weight loss.

To my delight, the recently introduced Earpods came with the unit. I can really tell that this headphones have been ingeniously designed considering that it has been planned in the Apple labs from three years. This is something for audiophiles to look forward to.

Other items you can find in the box are the AC adapter, Lightning connector and other necessities.

After the set-up, some of the iPhone 5’s app was not updated for iPhone 5’s screen yet, but I’m pretty sure that this issue will be resolved anytime from now. 

The iPhone 5 has not officially been announced in the Philippines but it is now available in the grey market with Php 47,000 price. Carriers will bring it on their stalls by November.

[Review unit via XySo of Artisan Timeline]
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