[Viral Video] Gangnam Style grabs a Guiness World Record for the Most Liked Video in Youtube

Korean Popstar, Psy aka Park Jae-Sang, achieves a Guiness World Record for his song Gangnam Style as the Most Liked Video on Youtube. Following his unprecedented views in the said video sharing site, Psy also breaks in to the Top 20 of the US Billboard Chart at No. 11.
Currently, his video has garnered 232 Million views with 2.2 Million likes. He dethroned the US Pop Group LMFAO with 1.5 million likes for their Party Rock Anthem video. Runners up were Justin Beiber’s Baby (most watched video to date with 780 million views) with 1.3 million likes and Adele’s smash hit Rolling in the Deep with 1.2 million likes.
 Check out the viral video after the jump.

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