Androis 5.0 Jelly Bean to be infused in Netbooks and Larger-Screen Devices, out this Q2

Seems like Android 5.0 will be officially named as Jelly Bean as reports stressing that it will be out Q2 of this year! And it’s not even a year when Android 4.0 came out of from Google’s freezer. Latest rumor is that it’ll be infused in larger-screen devices such as tablets and notebook computers.

DigiTimes reports that Jelly Bean will bring larger optimizations to these devices with the ability to dual-boot with Chrome OS. Major partner will come in the name of Microsoft since it has released Windows 8 for mobile computer. Dual-boot means that you can change OSes from Windows 8 to Chrome OS (Jelly Bean) without turning off your computer.

We just think that the next installment of Android OS will suit itself in most of the popular Windows 8 tablets and Netbooks; say Asus Transformer Prime. And we can always assume that other players will have their hand in the Jelly Bean jar. It is a great marketing strategy in the part of Google to have Jelly Bean as adual-boot OS though. We can smell another “thermo-nuclear” war between tablets this year.

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