Sony Ericsson roll calls handsets for Ice Cream Sandwich update

After HTCenlisted its line-up for the Ice Cream Sandwich update, Sony Ericsson also roll calls its own handsets for its own Android 4.0 update. And the recipient would be the whole line of Xperia that has been released this year!
Though this press release is expected due to the series of hints that Sony gave from its Facebook account saying that the Xperia line-up would have the taste of Ice Cream Sandwich, we are nothing more than thrilled to see the recent Android update in our SE phones.
And today SE confirms, with equally fuzzy details, that they are working on merging the current “Xperia Experience” with the new features of Android 4.0. Check on the list of the recipient handsets below to see if this post deserves to give you thrills.
Updates also include the selected walkman devices. Nothing has been said about the date of release of these updates. We’ll always keep you posted. Stay tuned.

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