HTC unveils a behemoth Quad-Core phone

HTC unveils another monster phone, the HTC Zeta; packed with Quad-Core processor that is clocked with 2.5 GHz, the fastest speed to date by a smartphone. A rendered picture of the device leaks in web, courtesy of Engadget, features the striking corners and its somewhat metallic exterior. This device is a far cry from being the meanest of the recently leaked HTCphones.

And did I say that it carries a blazing 2.5 GHz Quad-Core processor? Well, I’d say it again because nothing had been confirmed with regards to its other capabilities aside from the fact that it’ll have a 4.5-inch display. This also comes with the 1280x720 resolution plus 1GB of RAM for your memory consumption and 32GB storage space. Ofcourse, on top of the Ice Cream Sandwich interface would be the ever-impressive HTC Sense UI and Beats Audio. 
Going to the hardware department this behemoth will measure 109.8 x 60.9 x 9.8 mm and 146g of weight. Cameras with dual-led flash will also be featured with 8MP and 1.3 MP for Rear and Front respectively. Bluetooth 4.0 is quite a standard nowadays for HTC phones, and hopefully its 1830 mAh of battery would suffice our smartphone activities.

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