Motorola Droid Bionic makes a debut

Motorola’s Droid Bionic makes market appearance through Verizon after its first public appearance almost 10 months ago. It comes with 4.3-inch qHD screen and its has a super tough Gorilla Glass screen which means that it can withstand occasional drops, scratch and more (just don’t try to submerge it under water). Plus, its anti-reflective dual layer coating makes it outdoor-friendly.

It’s not just outdoor-friendly, it can compete in the "inside" as well. Being the latest 4G wonder, it boasts its LTE capabilities in both speed (not as fast as Samsung Galaxy SII) and coverage. This wonder phone is packed with Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 OS, lighting fast dual core 1GHz processor. Furthermore, the 16GB on-board memory wouldn’t kill you that much because it comes with it comes with 16 microSD card and support for 32GB microSD cards. Camera? Yes it has an 8MP rear camera with flash with 1080p video catching quality. 

Why should I buy this?

The cool thing about this is that it has a tough security features that translates the onboard and SD storage encryption, remote wipe and IT admin security; which you cannot find in any other 4G android phones. There are tons of cool softwares that come pre-installed like MotoBLUR, Citrix (a Go-to meeting application) and VZ Navigator. As mentioned earlier, the phone has tons of storage.

Why should I not buy this?

The HDMI port does not work that well. If you try hooking it up with an HDTV makes it a fail exception. In the display; eventhough the screen is very responsive, the PenTile technology used in Motorola qHD display will force you to glare harder. And the worst thing is, everything looks grainy (this isn’t the first Motorola phone to have this kind of problem).

The price is $300 through Verizon, the full review will come later and no updates for its Philippine release yet. Stay tuned.
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