iPhone 5 hitting the stores in a short time

 I will not press the cliché that the release of the iPhone 5 will be in October. Neither do these rounding rumors, but hey, rumors are hard to ignore.

The Release Date
Eventhough Apple did not literally announce the details until now; it’s a hell of a strategy to enlarge the bubble of excitement for a while and then blowing it when the right time comes. However, many of its retailers are “no-gos” in suppressing that fact that it really is coming next month!

Check out this very intriguing information that Best Buy leaked through BGR which signaling customers that they can preorder iPhone 5 starting next week. Plus, This is My Next received another intriguing file stating that a retailer will install an Apple Fixture in one of Best Buy’s stores in October 21st.
Locally, a local newspaper paper editor have his first look on the prototype of iPhone 5 and will definite shut his mouth before Apple releases the campaign for the unit in 2-3 weeks. Likewise a German telecom company, Deutsche, confirmed that they will receive pre-orders for the upcoming iPhone 5.

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The Hardware
In addition to the previous report, Apple may have the notch to integrate LTE for this new generation of iPhone.  And it’s not also new to us that iPhone 5 will have a tinier casing and wider screen based on iPhone photo stream app. The screen would hit 3.7”, the whole phone will be skinnier and the case would definitely shrink into a not-so-sure dimension (but it’ll be smaller).
iPhone 4S
Interestingly, there is also a rumor that Apple will rerelease the iPhone 4 for a budget-friendly version. It would come as a handy 8GB unit; fair enough to get everyone have their share of iPhone brand.

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