Facebook releases the Subscribe feature

If you have problems of following someone which is not your friend in Facebook, now you can actually subscribe to their post without literally “stalking” the person. This is the new feature that Facebook will be rolling out over the next few days; it’s called “Subscriptions”. You can get updates for celebs, journalists, whoever you want to place in your newsfeeds. But, it’s only good for users who enable public subscriptions in their feeds.

                You can also customize can customize what you want to see from you Facebook friends through this feature, whether you want to see all updates, some updates, or just the updates that you want to see. Check these steps on how to do such feature:

1.       SUBSCRIBE
Click the subscribe button for people you’d like to follow. This button is not available for people that hasn’t enable “Subscriptions” in their profile. You’ll be able to see their updates in your newfeeds without being friends.

2.       Customize Updates
Choose the updates that you want to see from your friends.

3.       Security Profile
You can opt to make you updates public for your followers, just share it with your friends, or customize it further.

4.       Manage Notifications
You can also choose to have an update through email everytime a follower subscribes to your updates. Just go to Account Setting>Notifications>All Notifications>Facebook, then check/uncheck to the checkbox marked “Subscribe to your public updates”.

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