TOP APPS WEEKLY (TAW): August 29, 2011

Pinoy Metro Geek launches newest mini page, “TOP APPS WEEKLY (TAW)”. This page will feature best APPS in each of the platforms (Android and Mac). In its kick-off week , TAW will feature a mash-up of applications for camera geek and game lovers, etc.
1.       Cowboys vs Aliens

Android offers the game from the newly released movie, Cowboys vs. Aliens. Once you check out the title (if you haven’t heard of the movie), you’ll find it ridiculous visualizing how would cowboys slay aliens. But, in this Gameloft produced 2D side-scroller video game, you’ll find yourself being the cowboy in the Old West shooting Aliens with lasso and space gun only for $3. Click here to download.

1.       X-Men
Your favorite childhood game is now in your android phone. Check out this classic X-Men game. It’s the exact 1992 released game where you can be Storm, Cyclops and Night Crawler. This game offers a multi-player hook-up over WiFi. All in just for a dollar! It’s the best app in reminiscing your childhood. Click here to download. 
3.       Photo 365

iPhone releases a camera app for your everyday camera assistant, and a game for mallrats. The Photo 365 is a camera app that helps you take photos everyday of the year. The main idea is like a Project 365 idea in facebook. It does calendar view that basically gives you a thumbnail photo in the days that you’ve taken a picture. Picture can be shared in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. Click here to download.

4.       Mega Mall Story

This game will let you decorate a tall tower to be a mall. You’ll be playing as a building designer or a civil engineer. The better ideas for mall design, the more mall rats swarm in the mall. Click here to download

Disclaimer: Pinoy Metro Geek (PMG) is not affiliated with Android Market and itunes Store. This article is for public information only.

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