HP gives free apps, white HP TouchPad to be unpacked

HP has been a good dog these days after giving a bitter sweet attempt to throw in six free WebOS apps for its Touchpad. After releasing the tablet in less than a hundred last week, HP is continuously patching things up with their die-hard customers.

The packs would normally sell for as much as $14.99 but it'll be free up until August 30. These features are the Multitasking Glimpse (Inglorious Apps) which boost the multi-tasking with split screen interface. Plus, the camera for touchpad (KEEN Studios) is basically an option for managing photos and using them with other TouchPad Apps. They also include the Bird Guide (Green Mountain Digital) which is a good digital bird guide for North American birds' photographs and songs; and a game which is called Big Boss from Fair Play Labs featuring heroes and wizards of WackyLands. The company is also set to release another six-pack apps in the September.

On the otherhand, we are still bringing back the question of when will the previously announced white HP Touchpad be unboxed. This 64GB, 1.5 GHz model that they have promised last July seems so impossible to acquire nowadays. But we’re still crossing our fingers for these extremely rare tablets to be out in the market.
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