Samsung showcases latest TVs with AI Technology

Samsung, the reigning global leader in TVs for 18 years, continues to redefine innovation with its groundbreaking lineup of Artificial Intelligence (AI) TVs, signaling a new era in television never seen before. In a recent experiential preview, Samsung offered an exclusive glimpse into its new Samsung AI TVs and audio devices designed to upscale every moment.

Samsung showcases latest TVs with Al Technology

"As the global leader for TV, Samsung is driven to innovate and design products geared towards a new standard of home entertainment for consumers," Chris Almazan, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation's (SEPCO) Head of Audio and Video, shared. "With Al emerging as one of the most powerful technologies, Samsung once again redefines premium by harnessing the possibilities Al has to offer."

Al-Powered Home Entertainment

During the event, Samsung presented various Al zones to highlight the different features of their 2024 products. At the forefront of next-level Al technology, Samsung makes everyday moments richer, more connected, and more life-like with their latest 2024 Neo QLED 8K Al TV. More than just a TV, the Neo QLED 8K creates an immersive journey thanks to the 8K Al Upscaling Pro technology that automatically enhances any content to the nearest 8K picture quality, providing an extraordinary viewing experience.

Samsung showcases latest TVs with AI Technology

Engineered with Quantum Matrix Technology that brings out accurate ultra-fine light and boosted with Al Motion Enhancer Pro, the Neo QLED 8K ensures the motion of objects is captured with unparalleled smoothness and precision. Further maximizing the power of Al, the Neo QLED 8K can adapt to the brightness of its content and surroundings, giving users an elevated sensory experience tailored to their viewing pleasure.

When paired with the 2024 Q-Soundbar, users can enjoy premium Al home entertainment. With Q-Symphony, the TV's 8 speakers and the soundbar's 22 speakers play together in harmony for a cinematic surround sound experience powered by Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Clearly, Samsung Al TV Has It All

Clearly, Samsung Al TV Has It All

Unrivaled in home entertainment globally, Samsung Al TVs are a complete package, and Samsung demonstrated the various integrations of these enhancements to users' lifestyles during the preview.

Aside from unparalleled cinematic experiences, Samsung Al TVs also come with Al Energy mode that effortlessly provides energy savings for users. The devices can detect and analyze their environment and automatically adjust their settings to be more energy-efficient. Users can also monitor their energy consumption with the Samsung Al TVs through SmartThings in real-time.

Beyond movie nights and film shows, Samsung Al TVs give the ultimate gaming experience with exceptional motion enhancements that provide crisp visuals and blazing-fast speeds.

Samsung Al TV

Apart from the Al TVs and Q-Soundbar, Samsung also revealed their 114" Micro LED, which offers jaw-dropping picture quality in an ultra-premium design. Music Frame, a customizable speaker equipped with powerful audio that plays users' favorite tunes while framing their favorite printed photos.

Maintaining its position as the undisputed global number 1 TV brand and soundbar brand for 10 years, Samsung continues to prove its dominance in the space through its mastery of design and technology as exhibited in its Samsung Al TVs as well as its newest lineup of products.

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