PRISM+ F240i Gaming Monitor Review: Affordable Work and Play

For a gaming nerd like me, I am always fixated with gaming monitors that have smooth visuals and high refresh rate. That's on top of the immersive quality and high response time that I need in my gameplay. The latest PRISM+ F240i gaming monitor appears to be the one that ticks the features I’ve been looking for in my ideal gaming monitor.

PRISM+ F240i Gaming Monitor Review

In this review, let's take a closer look at this gaming monitor and I'll share with you my experience using this device. By the end, let's determine whether this monitor is a worthy addition to your gaming hub.

What's in the Box?

The PRISM+ F240i gaming monitor comes in a white standard box with the actual model printed on the face of the packaging. Aside from the actual monitor, the box includes a stand stem and the stand base. It's also worth noting that we have a very slim and minimalist base that fits my liking.

PRISM+ F240i Gaming Monitor Unboxing

Of course, there's a VESA adapter just in case you wanted to install this in an arm stand. There are three 14-mm screws and five 10-mm screws. Completing the list are the power adapter, the display port cable, and the user manual.


The PRISM+ F240i features a modern, minimalist design that is fitted for a 2024 monitor. On the get-go, I appreciate how it avoids the typical gaming look, making it visually versatile and suitable for various settings. This means that it can also be used in an office setting without getting too much attention. Additionally, for work-from-home professionals who enjoy both work and play, the F240i is also a great choice for a home office setup, combining sleek design with practical functionality.

PRISM+ F240i Gaming Monitor Review: Design

The monitor offers a wide range of connectivity options which includes HDMI ports, DP ports, and 3.5-mm audio port. You can find these ports at the back panel alongside the power button and the DC port which powers the monitor.

PRISM+ F240i Gaming Monitor Review: Design

This 24-inch monitor features very slim bezels. Additionally, there's a light indicator on the front panel's lower right bezel. A steady blue light would mean that the monitor is running normally, while a red light indicates that there is no video source, signal or voltage detected.

PRISM+ F240i Gaming Monitor Review: Design

On top of that, the monitor features a notch-like structure on both sides of the bottom bezel which houses cool LEDs; in fact, this is the only gaming vibe that I get from this device.


The PRISM+ F240i frames a 24-inch IPS display with an E-LED backlighting system. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio and full HD resolution. It also supports up to 180Hz refresh rate and comes with 1ms response time to deliver smooth performance for work and gaming. Plus, its generous viewing angle of 178 degrees and 1000:1 contrast ratio ensure comfortable viewing and enhanced depth in every scene.

PRISM+ F240i Gaming Monitor Review: Display

When it comes to picture quality, I can tell that this one holds its own compared to other more expensive monitors. It delivers vivid images with remarkably accurate colors due to its 120% sRGB tech. Its contrast is also on-point, as well as the panel's dynamic range. Moreover, it supports adaptive syncing for NVIDIA and AMD graphics, while offering flicker-free operation and low blue light support for comfortable viewing.


This monitor supports an on-screen display which provides easy access to the essential menus, controls, and customizations that you need to tweak in order to fully optimize the monitor's performance. Upon startup, it begins with its default settings.

PRISM+ F240i Gaming Monitor Review: Performance

There are tons of options you can set which mainly covers Game, Picture, Color, OSD, and other settings. Under the gaming mode menu, the F240i offers a handful of customizations, including specific game modes like MOBA and FPS Arena, as well as options for adjusting the Refresh Rate, Game Crosshair, Ambient Lighting, and more.

PRISM+ F240i Gaming Monitor Review: Performance

The 180Hz refresh rate is quite a leap when comparing it to monitors in this price range. I could definitely take advantage of this when playing shooting games like Valorant (tested with a gaming laptop) or Overwatch (with PlayStation 5). Surprisingly, I did not experience any considerable tearing issues even with this high refresh rate.

Should You Buy The PRISM+ F240i Gaming Monitor?

The PRISM+ F240i Gaming Monitor is probably one of the few monitors in this segment that has 180Hz refresh rate. However, it outperforms its peers with its efficiency and consistency when playing games that call for high refresh rate. Its adaptive sync and fast response time is also something to be lauded about, making it an affordable option for those who are in the market for a solid gaming monitor.

PRISM+ F240i Gaming Monitor Review

On top of that, I also love its flexibility. Though I consider it as a gaming monitor, I could definitely tell that it's also very suitable for use in an office setting due to its slick and minimalist approach in its stand and base design. Overall, it's a joy to use and very easy to recommend with its affordable price of Php 7,999. You can find this gaming monitor on Shopee:

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