Experience Elevated Productivity and Entertainment with the OPPO Pad Air

With today’s seemingly never ending hustle, the amount of work we need to do has been a measure of how to make use of our time which leads to endless multitasking. 

Experience Elevated Productivity and Entertainment with the OPPO Pad Air

And with most of these tasks requiring the help of technology, we all need a device that’s designed to be an ideal partner in finishing our work even when on-the-go and at the same time allows us to enjoy it for when we need to take a break.

Seamless performance for work and play

The OPPO Pad Air is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon® 680 Chipset which delivers long-lasting and seamless interactions. With 8 CPU cores, and AI System Booster 2.1, the tablet is designed to get through with all your work, no matter how many they are happening all at once. 

In the same manner, the OPPO Pad Air allows you to switch apps in social media, play mobile games, and view photos or videos with ease. The OPPO Pad Air is also capable of External Memory Support MicroSD of up to 512GB.

Part of OPPO Pad Air’s seamless performance is its ColorOS 13.1 Android system that lets you effortlessly cast your phone screen to the tablet for an immersive viewing experience and productivity across devices.There’s also a file drag and drop function by simply touching and holding a file, letting it float, and effortlessly drag it to another app for seamless processing. This can be best paired with the OPPO Reno 10 Pro + 5G. 

OPPO Pad Air is best paired with OPPO Reno 10 Pro Plus 5G

Massive Battery and  Fast Charging Feature

The OPPO Pad Air has a massive 7,100 mAh battery that allows you to be powered the whole day. Whether you’ll be on several video meetings  or just binge-watching your favorite series, no matter where you are, the OPPO Pad Air has you covered. 

The 18W battery is designed for high-speed charging ensuring you stay powered up without long waits. This is very helpful when you are always on-the-go or outdoors doing your work or just killing time with a nice movie to watch.

OPPO Pad Air: Bigger and Brighter device with a stylish design

Bigger and Brighter device with a stylish design

The OPPO Pad Air provides an immersive viewing experience with ultra-narrow bezels and an 83.5% screen-to-body ratio. Perfect whether you are hooked on watching your favorite series or reading an exciting e-book. Not only that, its Dolby Atmos quad-speaker system presents true symmetrical stereo sound that gives you a superb sound.

For the ultimate viewing experience, the OPPO Pad Air also boasts of a 2K HD eye care display ​​making the screen brightness  softer and less dizzying  at night. It also has dual eye comfort certification that protects your eyes from harmful blue light emissions, plus reduces eye strain caused by prolonged usage. 

OPPO Pad Air’s superb features are packaged in an aesthetically slim and lightweight design. Measuring only 6.94mm in thickness and weighing just  440g, its ergonomic design offers unparalleled user experience through comfort and portability. The OPPO Pad Air is designed to be a trusted gadget that you can take anywhere with ease whether at school, in your office, or on a long road trip. 

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The ideal tablet for your productivity and entertainment fix is here and comes at an affordable price! The OPPO Pad Air is priced at PHP 11,999 and is available in the Fog Gray colorway. The OPPO Pad Air also sports the OPPO Glow that involves a 5-layer coating giving an avant-garde texture.

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