Former eBay CTO and top tech leaders gathered for DEVCON PRO Summit 2023

In celebration of innovation, impact, and technology, DEVCON PRO Summit 2023 brought together some of the brightest minds in the tech industry, including former eBay Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Tom Fisher. This summit is renowned as a premier event for professional developers seeking to harness the power of technology for positive impact.

Former eBay CTO and top tech leaders gathered for DEVCON PRO Summit 2023

DEVCON PRO Summit delivered an immersive experience for attendees, providing the opportunity to hear from thought leaders and changemakers utilizing technology to address real-world challenges. The event showcased cutting-edge topics designed to tackle social issues, offering professionals a chance to stay at the forefront of industry advancements.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • The Latest in Cybersecurity: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

  • The Future of Work: How Will AI Change the Jobs of Developers?

  • The Making of a Tech Leader : The Skills and Experience you need to Thrive

  • How to Build Ethical AI: A Guide for Developers

  • How to Make a Positive Impact on the World Through Technology.

This year's theme, "Technology for Impact," reflected DEVCON's commitment to promoting the use of technology for positive societal change. The summit featured distinguished speakers, including the esteemed Tom Fisher, who has a rich international track record in developing and delivering high-tech solutions.

Former eBay CTO Tom Fisher, and top tech leaders gathered for DEVCON PRO Summit 2023
Tom Fisher

Tom Fisher, who has held leadership roles at eBay, Qualcomm, and SuccessFactors (now SAP), praised the DEVCON PRO Summit, calling it “a unique gathering that brings together professionals committed to leveraging technology for meaningful impact.” He added, "It's an honor to be part of an event that fosters innovation and collaboration in the tech community."

Winston Damarillo, Silicon Valley veteran, and the Founder and President of DEVCON Philippines, shared insights into the summit's focus: "As technology continues to evolve, it's crucial for professionals to come together, share knowledge, and explore ways to use their skills for the greater good. DEVCON PRO Summit is not just a conference; it's a platform for collaboration and inspiration."

This summit delved into a range of topics, including using emerging technologies. to solve social problems, the future of development in the age of artificial intelligence (AI), building inclusive and equitable technology ecosystems, and the ethical implications of AI. The goal was to provide a specialized program experience that catered to the unique interests and needs of professional developers.

DEVCON PRO Summit is co-presented by Accenture.

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