Huawei MateBook 16s Empowers Creative Experts with a Large Screen and Peak Performance

Creative professionals have never had it better than today, equipment-wise, seeing how laptops are faster and more portable that they barely resemble personal computers at all. The Huawei MateBook 16s is the “maximum” expression of the slim-yet-powerful design ethos, sporting vast screen space within an incredibly lightweight form factor.

Huawei MateBook 16s: Unleash Creativity with Power and Portability

Powered by the latest 13th Gen Intel Core processor and equipped with a dazzling 16-inch 2.5K touch screen display, this new MateBook serves the creative crowd in a higher capacity -- capable of crunching demanding tasks in a composed, elegant demeanor.

Performance that cruises through any activity

Nothing less than the new 13th Gen Intel Core H-Series processor resides within the MateBook 16s, giving users a smarter and more efficient chip to handle any and all tasks. This Evo-certified laptop breezes through daily grunt work such as editing documents, downloading files, media streaming, and so forth.

The real meat of its performance potential lies in more resource-intensive activities like photo/video editing and creating visual-heavy presentations. Users can also tap into more power by activating Performance Mode at any moment -- allowing the laptop to handle even more tasks without thermal throttling.

16 inches of true visual splendor

Having a 2.5K True Color Touch Screen on a lightweight laptop is as dreamy as it sounds -- 16 inches with 90% screen-to-body proportions and 3:2 aspect ratio is truly a sight to behold. The MateBook 16s display also goes up to 400 nits of brightness, maintaining its visual clarity even in brighter outdoor settings.

Such crispy resolution with touch functionality serves creative pursuits exceedingly well. The brilliant display provides unparalleled clarity when editing digital artwork, while the touch screen offers incredible precision and responsiveness for graphic design duties.

Moreover, the expansive 16-inch screen real estate allows for more personal creative expression, like writing notes, doodling on images, or freehand drawing.

Stay connected anywhere, across multiple screens

An in-house innovation, the Huawei Metaline Antenna ensures smooth and seamless wireless connections regardless of signal irregularities. This is especially useful during online events or video conference calls, as the Antenna tech maintains a strong and stable connection even when users move rooms away from the router.

Huawei Super Device is another neat feature to aid creative pursuits -- this smart cross-device connectivity tool brings together multiple screens for seamless file-sharing and flexible work configurations. For example, digital artists or graphic designers can connect a MatePad used for drawing to the MateBook 16s as an extra screen for quick note-taking, concept sketches, and more.

Huawei MateBook 16s Empowers Creative Experts with a Large Screen and Peak Performance
George Royeca, CEO of Angkas

George Royeca, CEO of Angkas, on How the Huawei MateBook 16s Empowers His Performance, Vision, and Lifestyle

As a CEO and storyteller, George finds the Huawei MateBook 16s to be an indispensable tool in his professional life. Its powerful 13th generation Intel Core i9 processor and stunning 16" 2.5k resolution touch screen display enable him to work efficiently while enjoying life-like visuals for presentations and media consumption. When George is on the go, he can stay productive using his tablet, and later access his work seamlessly on his MateBook 16s through Super Device technology. The SuperHub feature also optimizes his workflow by allowing him to share content effortlessly with other devices, making it easier to review proposals or documents.

Virtual meetings have become a breeze for him thanks to the smart conference feature of the MateBook 16s. With AI-powered noise cancellation and voice enhancement, George can communicate clearly and effectively in any environment. The Metaline Antenna further enhances his connectivity by doubling upload and download speeds compared to other devices, even in areas with limited Wi-Fi signal. In his role as a CEO, the Huawei MateBook 16s not only boosts my performance but also supports my vision and lifestyle, helping me reach new heights in my career.

The sheer amount of smart and powerful features on the Huawei MateBook 16s makes it easier for creative professionals to produce inspiring output, no matter where they set up shop. Get the Huawei MateBook 16s for SRP Php 89,999 through offline and online HUAWEI stores, authorized retail outlets, and leading e-commerce sites Shopee and Lazada.

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