Innovative Way to Save Energy with AI-Powered HVAC Systems

The escalating global energy crisis, driven by soaring demand and dwindling resources, has spurred a pressing need to reduce energy usage and switch to renewable sources. In response, a growing number of organizations and individuals are actively pursuing strategies to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace cleaner energy sources, hastening the worldwide decarbonization movement.

Innovative Way to Save Energy with AI-Powered HVAC Systems

For commercial buildings, an effective way to do both is by installing an energy-efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. The latest HVAC systems not only cut energy consumption and costs, but also create a comfortable indoor environment that supports the well-being of tenants and visitors, leading to positive business outcomes and sustainable building operation.

In office buildings and other commercial properties, HVAC systems are vital for maintaining comfortable indoor spaces, preventing them – and their occupants – from becoming too hot, or too cold. However, HVAC typically accounts for a significant portion of a site’ energy consumption – around 40 percent, in fact, with more than half of that figure coming from heating and cooling operation.

This is of particular concern for specialized facilities like hospitals, hotels and data centers, where HVAC systems run continuously throughout the day. The need for round-the-clock heating or cooling, and the high cost that comes with it, presents facility managers with a sizable challenge: How to optimize HVAC operation in the most energy-efficient way possible. And given the global energy crisis, the need to successfully address this challenge is now greater than ever.

Innovative Way to Save Energy with AI-Powered HVAC Systems

As the call for buildings to be more energy-efficient and eco-conscious continues to grow worldwide, the role of advanced, AI-equipped HVAC has become even more important. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has become an integral part of our daily lives, embedded in devices as diverse as home appliances and smartphones. AI is also being used to enhance the performance of HVAC systems, enabling them to simultaneously optimize operation, reduce energy consumption and improve indoor air quality.

To meet this rising demand, LG recently launched its new Multi V™ i Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solution in Europe, with availability soon to follow in other regions around the globe. Equipped with a highly advanced AI engine, the Multi V i offers impressive energy savings, not to mention a range of differentiated smart features that can boost indoor comfort and make management easier.

Efficiently Maintaining a Comfortable Environment

A building’s HVAC load is influenced by various and continuously changing factors. To maintain optimal operation and energy efficiency, a solution must have the ability to detect and adapt to changes as and when they arise. This is where AI technology comes in.

The AI engine LG has applied to its Multi V i enables the sophisticated AI Smart Care feature, which elevates the VRF solution’s operational efficiency and cuts down on its energy consumption. The AI engine collects and stores indoor temperature, indoor humidity and set temperature data from each indoor unit, and uses AI algorithms to specify a predefined ‘Clustering’ level for each indoor unit. Once the Clustering level has been specified, the most appropriate operation mode or amount and type of airflow, along with various other settings, are automatically controlled. For the first 10 minutes of operation, the AI engine optimizes the cooling or heating performance of the Multi V i to increase indoor comfort. Then, while still maintaining a pleasant atmosphere, it switches to power-saving-oriented operation to prevent unnecessary energy usage.

Thanks to the implementation of AI and cutting-edge sensor technology, LG’s Multi V i can increase energy savings by up to 24.7 percent and reduce the amount of time needed to reach the set temperature by 28.5 percent.

Innovative Way to Save Energy with AI-Powered HVAC Systems

Tracking Energy Savings in Real Time

Collecting operational data when the AI engine is active, the AI Smart Metering feature provides an easy way to keep track of how much energy the Multi V i is using, and how much it is saving. The AI Engine collects and saves outdoor and indoor energy usage data – captured during normal operation and AI Smart Care operation – via ‘Smart Plug logic,’ which is embedded in the outdoor units. Leveraging the collected data, AI algorithms create an Energy Consumption Estimation Model. Based on eight hours’ worth of operational data, AI Smart Metering is able to estimate total energy savings for different lengths of time (daily, weekly, monthly and annually), displaying this information on the controller screen so that users can get a clear picture of the Multi V i’s energy footprint.

Proactively Lowering Energy Costs

While the AI Smart Care and Smart Metering features save energy, the AI Energy Management feature intelligently predicts and controls energy usage, making the Multi V i one of the smartest HVAC solutions currently on offer. The AI Energy Management feature collects operational power-use data, creates a database, and calculates the predicted operating rate to generate an Energy Pattern Model. And by utilizing the AI algorithm, it can control the operation of the Multi V i’s outdoor unit according to monthly energy usage targets. This can prevent excessive power use and help decrease monthly energy expenditure.

For small- and medium-sized sites where a building energy management system is not installed, energy consumption can be easily managed predicted, monitored and managed through the AI Energy management functions of the Multi V i. Conveniently, all of the outstanding smart features offered by LG’s VRF solution can be managed via the Standard III Wired remote controller or ACP 5/AC Smart 5 controller.

With its state-of-the-art AI engine, the LG Multi V i delivers enhanced energy savings and a more comfortable indoor environment. What’s more, the AI engine applied to LG’s latest VRF solution is continuously improving, with new algorithms and data sources allowing it to introduce new and better performance optimizations over time. Through data collection and analysis, LG’s AI engine can finetune its prediction and control strategies, paving the way to greater operational and energy efficiency. As AI keeps evolving, HVAC systems will become more efficient at identifying changes in conditions and adjusting their operation in real-time – lifting performance and lowering energy consumption even further.

Prioritizing sustainability, LG’s AI-powered Multi V i increases energy efficiency, decreases energy usage and minimizes carbon emissions during operation. The low-impact high-performance VRF solution is just the kind of eco-minded innovation that customers worldwide have come to expect from LG, a company that understands the paramount importance of investing in the future, today.


LG air conditioning provides optimized solutions for every sector and climate with a wide range of cutting-edge systems that bring exceptional heating, ventilation and air conditioning performance to buildings worldwide. Through unmatched expertise and industry knowledge, LG responds directly to the needs of businesses seeking digitalized and eco-conscious HVAC solutions. LG is the partner your business has been looking for, and is well prepared to integrate our leading technology into day-to-day operations, supporting you and your business every step of the way. For more information, visit

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