Philips 3000 Series 27-inch USB-C Monitor (27E1N3300A) Unboxing, Initial Setup, Impressions

Philips 3000 Series 27-inch USB-C Monitor 27E1N3300A is the latest multi-purpose monitor from the popular brand. This monitor gives you a clutter-free experience with its use of USB-C, stunning video quality, and more. It also offers immersive experience and wide working space with the 27-inch display backed with AMD FreeSync technology and high-resolution output. We are excited to review this monitor; but for now, join us as we share our unboxing experience and first impressions.

27-inch USB-C Monitor Unboxing

Philips 3000 Series Monitor: The Unboxing Experience

The Philips 3000 Series USB-C Monitor is packaged in a large box - a packaging that's quite bigger than other 27-inchers in the market.

Philips 27-inch USB-C Monitor Unboxing

You'll open the box by flipping the cover on the top side which will instantly give you access to several accessories that includes the monitor stand, the base platform, USB-C to USB-C cable, HDMI cable, documentations, and power cord.

Philips 3000 Series 27-inch USB-C Monitor Unboxing

Underneath this accessories compartment is another cushion box for the actual monitor itself.

Philips Monitor, 27-inch, USB-C

Initial Setup

Setting up the monitor is just like a walk in the park; in fact, you can do it without using a screwdriver. Initially, you'd want to knob-screw the stand to the base platform.

Philips 27-inch USB-C Monitor Set-up

Even for a first timer, you won't miss fusing these due to the fact that the fusing point has an insertion mechanism to keep both the base and the stand stable on the process.

Philips 27-inch USB-C Monitor Set-up

Afterwards, all you must do is snap the rectangular plate of the stand to the back portion of the monitor. 

Philips 3000 Series Monitor Set-up

You need to connect the power cord and the USB-C or the HDMI cable (whichever is compatible to your laptop) and turn on the monitor. The power button is situated at the lower back of the monitor. It's a joystick-styled button which also doubles as a hub for customizing the setting of the monitor.

Philips 3000 Series 27-inch USB-C Monitor Set-up

First Impressions

The Philips 3000 Series 27-inch USB-C monitor frames a 27-inch display with IPS Technology and W-LED backlighting system. It has 16:9 aspect ratio and FHD resolution with 75Hz refresh rate. It also packs 81.59 ppi pixel resolution placing clearer and sharper pictures on the table.

Philips 3000 Series 27-inch USB-C Monitor

The monitor is also generous when it comes to ports. It has an HDMI 1.4 and a USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 for signal inputs with Power Delivery capability of up to 65W; this means that you can charge your laptop while connecting to this monitor. 

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Likewise, it also has four (4) USB 3.2 ports and a 3.5-mm audio jack. This Philips 3000 series monitor features built-in stereo speakers. There's also a cable organization mechanism at the back of the monitor for a clatter-free workstation.

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Gamers can also take advantage of the AMD FreeSync tech which will bolster fluid performance due to its quick refresh and fast response time. The monitor also has eye-caring features like the LowBlue Mode and Flicker-Free tech which reduce eye strain and fatigue, especially when using the monitor for longer hours.

The Wrap

Philips 3000 Series 27-inch USB-C Monitor 27E1N3300A is shaping up to be a very promising monitor for games and round-the-clock users. We'd love to share more about this device in our review. Stay tuned!

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You can get the Philips 3000 Series 27-inch USB-C Monitor at only Php 11,613 with a free Herschel Fifteen bag from Philips' A Summer To Treasure promo from April 1 to May 31.

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