A New Level of IT Support: Lenovo Premier Support Plus Debuts in the Philippines

The new global study reveals that 91% of the 12,000 employees surveyed believe that resolving their IT issues quickly and effectively would increase their productivity. Additionally, 74% of the respondents claimed that poor IT support has negatively impacted their motivation at work. The study highlights the importance of having a reliable and efficient IT support system in place to support the needs of today's hybrid workforce.

New Level of IT support for Hybrid Setup using Advanced AI

Employee IT support has clearly fallen behind as workplaces have evolved with the rise of hybrid work. With the increasing adoption of cloud services, digital intelligence, and the metaverse, organizations' IT environments will become even more complex, making effective IT support even more critical to employee experience and morale,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager of Lenovo Philippines.

Premier Support Plus is the market's most comprehensive IT support service and the answer to assisting businesses in remaining future-ready by providing the right solution to improve employee experience and satisfaction, which is critical to retaining talent in today's highly competitive market. It offers advanced AI for smarter, preventative services, while still providing human support where it’s needed most, for the seamless and direct IT support that employees are looking for. 

According to Lenovo, nine out of ten employees (87%) believe AI can help them stay productive, while eight out of ten (81%) prefer a combination of AI and human interaction. Survey respondents see the key benefits of AI-powered IT being issue resolution with minimum disruption, enabling 24/7 support even during weekends and holidays.

Premier Support Plus was developed with key enterprise and end user pain points in mind to offer the most comprehensive support service and protection for IT problems: 

  • AI-driven predictive analytics enable proactive and preventative issue detection, and the ability to identify and address many potential IT problems. 

  • Accidental Damage Protection provides coverage beyond a traditional system warranty, protecting devices from any unintentional drops, spills and bumps. 

  • Keep Your Drive service retains users’ hard drives and provides full customer ownership of their data, to be kept or disposed on customers’ terms, improving data security and ensuring compliance with data privacy and retention requirements.

  • Sealed Battery services extends battery support for up to three years, where Lenovo-certified technicians are assigned to ensure effective and efficient battery replacement when needed, minimizing downtime and improving business resilience.

  • International Services Entitlement supports multinational corporations by enabling Accidental Damage Protection, Keep Your Drive, and Sealed Battery services wherever in the world their employees happen to be.

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It has been Lenovo’s mission to empower organizations with practical and sustainable technology to drive innovation and future-readiness. Recently, Lenovo launched a series of PC solutions including new ThinkPad, and ThinkCentre to help users embrace hybrid working environments. To find out more, visit https://www.lenovo.com/ph/en/.

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