LG Introduces New Line of Environment Friendly Single Commercial Air Conditioners

In technology, being a market leader entails continuous development. It means always aiming higher and looking for areas for improvement, all with the end goal of offering something better for customers. As one of the global pioneers of air conditioning innovation, LG continues to pave the way with industry-leading technology while providing real-world solutions at the same time.

Round Cassette, Air conditioners, LG Air conditioners

With the brand’s newest single commercial air conditioner lineup, LG addresses the question of leaving a better carbon footprint. As businesses recognize their responsibility to the environment, the eco-conscious initiatives need to be more proactive. LG’s new air-conditioners use R32, which is environment friendly and classified as a highly efficient ‘Go Green’ refrigerant. Its global warming potential is significantly lower than R410A and also helps minimize ozone layer depletion.

Round Cassette, Air conditioners, LG Air conditioners, green refrigerant
Green Refrigerant

Aside from the addition of the green R32 refrigerant, LG’s single commercial air conditioners also offer industry-leading HVAC technology. These use LG’s tried and tested 5-step air purification process, which removes invisible, ultra fine dust, odor, and germs to ensure a clean and healthy living environment. Routine maintenance is also made easy thanks to a one-touch air cleaning filter.

The ceiling mounted 4-way cassette also offers a Human Detecting On / Off Learning Operation System that automatically senses if a person is in the vicinity and turns the units on and off as needed, saving energy. The independent vane operation feature uses 4 separate motors, making it possible to control all four vanes independently. The independent control provides optimal comfort for each user, whether indirect or direct flow is needed. Panel installation is also a breeze, making it easy to set-up and repair.

Round Cassette, Air conditioners, LG Air conditioners
Ceiling mounted 4-way Cassette

For the smaller ceiling mounted 1-way cassette, the comfort air feature provides two vane angles that can be controlled in 6 steps from 20˚ to 70˚, depending on the indoor environment and personal preference. The wind is discharged evenly up, down, left, and right automatically, so there is no cooling blind spot. Its design is slim and compact, making installation possible even in small and narrow spaces.

Round Cassette, Air conditioners, LG Air conditioners
Ceiling mounted 1-way Cassette

LG’s round cassette is a marvel. Its slim and compact design, which won a Red Dot Award and a PIN UP Design Award, hides clunky parts into a smooth surface to provide harmony and aesthetic. It uses a 6-step vane control for cool and warm airflow in every direction, compared to other brands which only use 3. Thanks to its design, it has a circular airflow that eliminates blindspots. Its air purification function purifies indoor air by a 3 phase filter. Each filter can be reused just by washing without replacement. Also, it is easy to check air quality status with several devices.

Round Cassette, Air conditioners, LG Air conditioners
Round Cassette

These air conditioners also take advantage of LG’s AI technology. With the smart remote control, you can access your air conditioner anytime and from anywhere using smart devices such as Android or iOS based smartphones and voice commands via Google assistant. Smart functionality helps with maintenance and repairs as well. LGMV (Monitoring View) helps engineers to inspect and monitor the air conditioning unit easily. A technician can check the cycle information with diagrams and graphs, and also easily check the error status and take action immediately.

With LG, you can make the switch to an eco-friendly HVAC solution without any compromises. For more details, visit www.lg.com/ph.

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