What vivo phones match your upcoming long weekend plans?

Holy Week is a time to recharge for many Filipinos as students and young professionals take a much-needed break. We also encounter many personalities within our own families and barkadas, or the people we see while on vacation. Sometimes we even embody them ourselves.

What vivo phones match your upcoming long weekend plans?
Have a fun and meaningful Holy Week with loved ones. Document them with your trusty vivo phone.

What ties every personality together is a smartphone that caters to their interests. We’re listing down the 4 types of people during Holy Week, paired with an essential vivo phone to match their needs.

The one who does Visita Iglesia

It takes dedication and energy to do (and complete) Visita Iglesia. For those who want to vlog this activity with their loved ones, the V23 5G is the ideal phone with its 50MP dual Front Camera, and triple rear cameras that can take wide-angle, super macro, and night shots. People can also match the color-changing photochromic technology to their outfits for the evening.

Meanwhile, people who prefer to attend an online mass at home can do so with the V23 5G’s 6.44-inch AMOLED screen.

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The beach bum

There’s always going to be people spending the long weekend at beaches like La Union and Baler. Work that swimsuit and take many barkada photos under the sun with the Y76’s 50MP Rear Camera. It also has a hefty battery with 44W Fast Charge, so the phone has enough juice to last a whole day of fun activities.

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The binge-watcher

These are the type of people who have about 3 or more shows lined up for the Holy Week, regardless if they’re at home or out of town. That said, they’ll need a phone with a big screen and long battery life to handle their Netflix binge – and the Y73 is just the phone for them. It has a 6.44-inch AMOLED display to see scenes clearly, and it also comes with a 33W Flash Charge for hours of nonstop entertainment.

Additionally, the 8GB + 4GB Extended RAM and 128GB storage lets users multitask and switch between apps without any lag.

More details on Y73 here.

The ultimate gamer

Gaming is life, and the long weekend is the perfect time to hunker down and get in friendly competitions with friends. The ideal phone for them is the Y21T with its Multi-Turbo 5.0 and Ultra Game Mode features, and Snapdragon 680 Processor that make gaming feel smooth. The 5000mAh battery with 18W Fast Charge ensures hours of uninterrupted gameplay.

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If you fall under these Holy Week personality types, go treat yourself to new gadget essentials from vivo. Don’t forget to rest, recharge, and have fun over the break!

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