From sunny trips to the nightlife, the new vivo Y73 is rumored to capture the best stories

Leading global tech brand vivo is making more creative possibilities with its newest addition to the Y series smartphone phone: the Y73.

The new vivo Y73 is rumored to capture the best stories
A smartphone fit #ForTheBestStories, the vivo Y73 delivers high-quality photos and videos so you won't miss a thing.

vivo Y73: Stunning camera and overall innovative design

With summer just around the corner, the Y73 will enable the younger generation to live #ForTheBestStories with its stunning rear camera quality, trendy design, and more. This device will be their new companion to preserve memories in every trip, or even during simple coffee runs.

Fun photography

Users won’t have to stress over grainy photos with the Y73’s rear camera, which delivers unparalleled UHD quality under any lighting. It also comes with Bokeh and Macro cameras that suit different photography styles.

Meanwhile with its Super Night Mode feature, it's perfect to use when one is enjoying the nightlife. It guarantees clear shots and reduces background noise so it can focus on its subject.

Shooting moving videos will also be a breeze for its Electronic Image Stabilization with Dual View Mode. That way, Y73 entices to inspire living in the best stories.

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Bold design

Catering to the artists within everyone, the vivo Y73 is rumored to have two bold colors. To keep the touchscreen and glass back panel fingerprint-free, they are made from AG (anti-glare) Glass that minimizes smudges from constant usage. It’s also much sleeker compared to its predecessors for more portability.

User experience without the hitches

Don’t miss a moment with its quick unlocking system and its fast-charging battery phase to live within the best stories. Y73, a device that won’t let people down during the exciting moments.

For those on the hunt for a phone that will showcase their creativity, the vivo Y73 is the one. Everyone will be able to seize and relive moments this summer (and beyond) with its impressive camera set, among other key features, coming very soon.

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