D-Link R15 Eagle Pro AI AX1500 Smart Router Review

The D-Link R15 Eagle Pro AI AX1500 Smart Router is the latest release from the popular company. It's slated to fill in the gap in the budget WiFi 6 router segment. On the get-go, this D-Link R15 Smart Router is packed with feature sets users can take advantage of, such as new smaller footprint, Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant compatible, app support, and more. Not to mention that there's a bucket full of niceties the Wi-Fi 6 technology has to offer. 

D-Link R15 Eagle Pro AI AX1500 Smart Router Review

D-Link R15 Eagle Pro AI Smart Router Review

We have tested the router for weeks now, so join us as we share our experience and judgment with the D-Link R15 Smart Router. 

What's in the Box?

With the R15 Eagle Pro AI AX1500 Smart Router, D-Link changed its color scheme in its packaging. Gone are the purple and black tones in favor of the new white and light blue combination. Opening the box, you'll see the familiar compartmentalized cardboard, with the main unit, documentations, power brick, and ethernet cable.

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The D-Link R15 Eagle Pro AI AX1500 Smart router features a combination of white and pale ocean blue color. Just like other D-Link routers that came before it, the D-Link R15 Smart Router is described as an angular rectangular box with four antennas - two on the sides and two at the back.

D-Link R15 Eagle Pro Smart Router Review

At the router's back, you'll find three Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports for your wired network and one Gigabit Ethernet port for outside world connectivity. The usual array of LED indicators can be found on the front. 

Underneath, there's a rubber stopper to make the router stable when placed on a flat surface. Apart from that, there's nothing unique about the router, it still looks like one of the space ships from your favorite Sci-Fi movie.

D-Link R15 Eagle Pro AI AX1500 Smart Router Review


Setting up the D-Link smart router is also a walk in the park, it would only take you 10 minutes tops. All you need to do is download the D-Link app. You can start by scanning the QR or Set-up code at the bottom of the router or in the Quick Installation Guide, then follow in-app instructions. 

D-Link R15 Eagle Pro WiFi6 Smart Router Review

You need to setup your device name, device password, Wi-Fi name and password via the app. The app also offers some basic features like access to network settings, notification, and firmware update.

Performance, Speed Test

The D-Link R15 Eagle Pro Smart Router uses the latest Wi-Fi 6 wireless network technology. By theory, it is capable of up to 1201 Mbps via 5GHz band and 300 Mbps via 2.4GHz band.

The AI function intelligently manage your network for you to experience uninterrupted connectivity even if there are multiple devices that connect to the network. It also continuously scans the wireless network and determine which of the Wi-Fi band - 2.4GHz or 5GHz - has the least interference; so the router ensures the best connection possible.

D-Link R15 Eagle Pro AI AX1500 Smart Router Review

With the MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology, the router gives higher speeds which is maintained with better reliability, ranging over an area of up to 230 sqm. However, if you have a property bigger than 230 sqm, you can always have the option to use mesh devices to supplement the Eagle Pro R15 Smart Router.

We connected two devices in the router and ran a speed test. The results exceeded expectations, with the two phones hitting above average speeds.

You can also manage your network thru the admin panel in the Eagle Pro AI app or by going to via a browser. The app can also be configured so that you can use either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. 

D-Link R15 Eagle Pro AI Smart Router Review

On top of that, you'll have a handful of security and management tools. One essential feature is the Parental Control, wherein you can manage your kids' internet usage thru setting up profiles of their devices via the app. You'll have the capability to block usage at will or schedule their access to the internet. 

You can also make a guest account. This works well if you have visitors in the house who wanted to connect to your Wi-Fi network, and you are apprehensive in giving them the password of your main Wi-Fi network. You can also limit the guest network's data speed and even control connectivity quality.

The Wrap

The D-Link R15 Eagle Pro Smart Router delivers the best of Wi-Fi 6 in a very competitive price of Php 3,399. For someone who wanted to take advantage of the latest WLAN technology, this is a very good price to make you jump into the bandwagon. The router also includes a handful of AI features, making it one of the most affordable smart routers in the market. 

To learn more, visit: https://www.dlink.com.ph/d-link-eagle

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