Keep your business safe and secure with the HP ProBook 455 G8 PC Notebook

Whether one is employed in a company or running their own business, it’s clear that a hybrid working setup will be the norm in 2022 and onwards. Unlike the work-from-home setup that people got used to for the last two years, the former gives people more flexibility to either report to the office or work remotely. This also means that they should be ready to adapt to these changes and be flexible.

Keep your business safe and secure with the HP ProBook 455 G8 PC Notebook
Lightweight and durable, the HP ProBook 455 G8 PC Notebook has pro-grade security that lets users work confidently in the hybrid setup.

HP ProBook 455 G8 PC Notebook

The ever-changing times can be daunting for any professional, but one can take control with the right tools to keep up with their hybrid needs. One must-have is a durable, commercial-grade laptop like the HP ProBook 455 G8 PC Notebook. It has the basic functions that’s beneficial for work like MS Office and good performance to keep the device running smoothly. Most importantly, it has pro-grade security features to keep users safe while doing business wherever they are.

Protecting the files that matter

The HP ProBook’s security starts with its BIOS. Equipped with the HP BIOSphere Gen5, the laptop has an enhanced firmware protection that safeguards it from potential malicious attacks from the moment it’s booted up. It also has the world’s first self-healing BIOS, HP Sure Start Gen6, which automatically restarts the BIOS after a cyberattack and helps keep the device safe and protected.

To prevent viruses from infiltrating the PC through unfamiliar links, HP Sure Click ensures that all files, applications, and web pages will be opened in micro VM containers to isolate any malware that might damage and infect the device.

The HP ProBook adds another layer of protection with its built-in fingerprint sensor via the HP Client Security Manager Gen6 to log into Windows; and a digital signature via HP Sure Admin that lets users manage their BIOS settings from their PC or the smartphone app. This way, all confidential matters will be locked and secure from peering eyes.

Up-to-date processes to keep the device running

Staying productive means making sure that all types of viruses, malware, and ransomware won’t hinder one’s business. In order to resolve any issues that might arise, the HP ProBook lets users update the BIOS hassle-free via the Network. It’s also possible to combat any advanced threats with HP Sure Sense, which uses deep-learning AI to neutralize these attacks.

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These features will help people work without worrying about threats and keep their businesses going - either from their homes, a public co-working space, or even their offices. The HP ProBook 455 G8 PC Notebook, and other devices in the ProBook line, will certainly prepare anyone for this year’s “Hybrid Possibilities” with its reliable security features.

For more information, visit the HP official store in Lazada or Shopee, or visit the nearest authorized HP reseller store.

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